The Mountain Lord

Im looking forward to seeing where this book will go it has a good foundation and the chapter lengths are phenomenal.

Bow of the North

I love Game of Thrones but the fan-fics are so hard to find so I am so excited about this story it is good well-written check it out.

Star Wars: Reborn

I love star wars stories but it is hard to find good ones this book seems to have some potential to be a good book. This is a new refreshing take on the same usual reincarnation stories. The author is very active in the writing so after a chapter is published he will go back through the story to make sure it makes sense which shows dedication I do not believe he will drop this story anytime soon if ever.  After some more chapters come out I will be back to update this review. 

WW1 in an alternate Universe

This book seems well thought out and I have high hopes for what the future will bring it was just started but just the first chapter shows planning and a thought out book.

P.S. I love WW1 and WW2 history so this exactly my cup of tea.


P.P.S. I will change this review as time goes on.

Taking on the magical world

I hate Harry Potter books but this one I feel like could be better than the originals since I can actually read it.

Psycho in Naruto

I like stories like this so I think it could be good.

Light Of The Nine

Thank you so much I have been waiting for the continuation of a remake of your original story which has always been one of my favorites I look forward to this great story!

Magical Adventure

As of chapter 17 this has a great potential to be one of the great ones on this site! I am looking forward to more chapter and hopefully it won't be dropped.                                                                                                                                                                          P.S I have also read what is here 3 times already.