1. Re: Quest appreciation thread

      I got it guys, thanks. I have to say, the hardest part of the quest is to get to the town square. You have to SEE carefully. Examine details thoroughly. Everything after that is smooth sailing. Good (...)

    2. Re: Quest appreciation thread

      Hi, can someone help me? I've already correctly guessed the first password (based on the I-don't-know page, thanks for that) but I have no clue about the second one. i've tried so many different words (...)

    3. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      The man, the legend... Thanks for sharing your recommendation! The manga recommendation is also interesting. Do you have movies recommendation as well?

    4. Re: Next event ?

      I like the idea of a challenge that requires you to complete the story. What about events for the readers?  Hmm, my intuition for a reader-focused event would be something akin to reading x amount (...)

    5. Re: Next event ?

      Reading this post, I was inspired by an idea to make an event about writing an untapped demographic: the short stories. I think we all can agree that no one can write high quality and lengthy novels (...)

    6. Re: What three years of working on a series taught me about writing

      Those are interesting points you make. Thanks for sharing it with us! :peoapproval:

    7. Re: How do I get custom page breaks?

      I think if you're a premium author you could change the page break to RR's custom page breaks. Maybe try to search the settings in your author dashboard. I'm sure that the feature exists.

    8. Re: Random Encounters

      Catching the bat with his palms Daniel shouted, "Who are you?!"

    9. Re: Politics in writing.

      I agree with @StgBria above that anything can work, just a question of how skilled you are with writing it. Sometimes I cringe when writers used a controversial topic (like identity politics) but when (...)

    10. Re: We got recommendations!

      Yes, it was a pleasant surprise when I wake up this morning!  :peoeyesparkle: I can already tell that it works, because some of its recommendation is already on my Read Later list.  :DrakanMelt: (...)

    11. Re: Typing Challenge

      I used and to practice touch typing since this October. My average wpm has gone better from ~30 wpm to now 75-80 wpm on average. My highest speed is up to 120 wpm, but I can't (...)

    12. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Wreath

      I expected this topic on the forum 😂😂😂 Of course I vote for the new border! It fits the Christmas mood better. Have a happy December everyone!

    13. Re: What would you awesome folks love to read?

      I think the Game is Murder is the most interesting one compared to the other choices.  Volt is interesting too, but I think it won't focus much on the mystery lest getting stronger to be a supernatural (...)

    14. Re: Favorite Ramen Brand? Current Favorite TV Series/Movie?

      It's not a ramen, but have you ever heard of Indomie? It's a staple of instant noodle in Indonesia. FYI Indonesia is a South East Asia archipelago country with a population of 267 million people. And Indomie (...)

    15. Re: Is it worth writing after going below 4 stars?

      I'd say that it depends on why you write stories in the first place. If you want people's validation that your story is good, then ratings may be a good indicator to continue writing or not. But if (...)

    16. Re: questions about the level up features on the site.

      You can read about it more on the official blog post here Leveled Up! | Royal Road Basically it's just a mechanism to gamify interactions on the site, just for fun! Higher levels unlocked custom border, (...)

    17. Re: Royal Road Tags Description

      Never really understood what counts as High Fantasy and what's Low Fantasy. Is everything that's set in a world or universe "not ours" automatically high? From what I understand, if it involves an (...)

    18. Re: "Thanks for the chapter "

      I must be the only one that feels it’s unnecessary and can do without it judging by the responses, and now I feel like maybe I’m just annoyed by “thanks for the chapter” spam for nothing? Lmao.  If (...)

    19. Re: To whom it may concern

      Hi there, I'm, as you may have guessed, a new face here. Hello and welcome to Royal Road!  :peohello: First of all, how are you? How's your day? Feeling okay? Thanks for asking! I'm healthy (...)

    20. Re: Royal Road Tags Description

      Hello Everyone! Starvingsloth here.  :DrakanWine: Since the introduction of the new tags, I've been wondering if there are any centralized list of each tags' description. I searched the FAQs and forum (...)