1. Re: Looking for Review/Feedback

      Hey, I have been writing for a while my story in royalroad but I'm unaware of how I am doing so far. Perhaps asking here isn't a good thing but even so if it's not too picky, I had like someone to read (...)

    2. Re: New Cool story you will love!!🚩

      Title: JAGER THE DEATH ANGEL  Synopsis: Jager, a fearless man, nicknamed son of the devil because of his ruthless cruelty. Pursued by gangsters and police, disgraced by his own family, yet loved by (...)

    3. RE: Comment text alignment

      Hi, I saw your trouble and I think the problem is coming from your browser, I checked your novel and chapter, plus commentaries and they are normal. However, try these: 1.Clean the cache 2.Check (...)

    4. RE: Use of the profanity tag.

      No, It isn't needed. It means that it's censored. But that would be annoying in a story. Also, the use of the tag is only for high swearing without censure. Like: "fuck you" "Fuck you too men" (...)

    5. RE: Would someone review my story? Even if it's bad.

      I read your review. First of all, thanks a lot. Second I will review your story, I read it and I like it. I didn't read all, I will need more time. Once, I finish I will review it. Also I have to say (...)

    6. Would someone review my story? Even if it's bad.

      I don't know if I should write this story or give up. As I said I accept criticism and all that. What I had like to know most is if it's well written, a good concept and start. (...)

    7. Can someone tell me his opinion about this story?

    8. What do I need to make a good novel?

      Hello I'm a novice writer and I have written a novel but I think that it's horrible. I don't know what do I need to make it good. Maybe I was stupid writing a novel. Tell me what do you think, please. (...)

    9. A novel

      Can someone tell me his opinion about the story? I'm a novice writer and I don't know if I'm doing well my novel. Leave a review or send me a PM. (...)

    10. New hentai novel.

      Check my awesome novel with hot girls, good story and an awesome Mc. You will be more hot than the sun.  This novel will turn you on and you will make you want to have sex. Review it please. (...)

    11. Hentai novel

      The story it's hot and funny. It has a lot of sex scenes and a good concept. I'm trying to correct the grammar but I need time. Read this if you want to get hot. It has monster hentai, tentacles rape (...)

    12. RE: Am I looking for something that does not even exist (probably)

      I recommend this book : The soldier of the death. Because the story starts in the modern age and he travels to different places. Also he isn't too op, only immortal at the moment. Also he uses guns and (...)

    13. My new novel

      Hello I'm merly and I'm writing a horror book, with dead, soldiers and all that stuff. I hope that you like the story. Link of the story: and (...)

    14. Your feedback and your opinion

      Hello,my name is [email protected] and I'm writing this because I need help.I'm writing a novel and I need to know the opinions and the feedbacks of the people that read it.Also If you could give me an advice I (...)