1. RE: Book on RoyalRoadL is possibly plagiarizing a book on amazon?

      So I could only read the amazon teaser bit which doesn't go even up to when the VR reveal happens but I will say that if it's plagiarism then it's plagiarism where the thief changed all the characters (...)

    2. RE: Suggestion: Anonymous Reviewing?

      Seems like something that would be abused by bots. Also reviewing is a skill, people like to read reviews from reviewers they trust - if all the reviews were anonymous it would undercut the reader / reviewer (...)

    3. RE: About the OP versus Not-OP debate....

      Having your OP character conceal their OPness is actually a super common trope in the web fiction sphere - it's really not hard to justify and if that's how you want to write it more power to you.  (...)

    4. RE: What is mature?

      "Life expectancy" is always heavily skewed by infant mortality. That is to say that even in pre-modern eras the life expectancy of a man or woman who has already reached adulthood isn't too dissimilar (...)

    5. RE: How important is title and cover ?

      Yeah your cover + title + first chapter are probably the most important factors in gaining readers. Even more so on a site like this where having a well crafted cover will make your story stand out compared (...)

    6. RE: I never realized how many chapters have gone missing!!!

      I dunno what's goin on in this thread but I am lazy so voted...

    7. RE: I can't access the main site??

      Same. Haven't changed anything with my system recently... Windows Update recently? I unno what's going on

    8. Any good MtF genderbender?

      Like the title says any good male to female gender bender reccs? It's hard for me to describe what I think a "good" story in this genre looks like so I'll just tick off a few that I've read and maybe someone (...)

    9. RE: Disucssion on Eastern/Western writing style

      I feel like you're writing about the difference between serialized fiction and self-contained novels, more than "Eastern and Western". For instance most Western books people read are going to be heavily (...)

    10. RE: Have anyone thought of continuing another author's story?

      Yeah that is of course the whole other dimension - authorial permission, especially for popular and clearly lovingly crafted works like Forgotten Conqueror or whatever - is probably gonna be more or less (...)

    11. RE: Have anyone thought of continuing another author's story?

      eh I do sort of understand the appeal, of course there are stories people want to see continued - and fan fiction is a thing so yeah, there's definitely a market. Just not for me personally. But if (...)

    12. RE: The appeal of dungeon stories.

      From an author perspective it's not hard to understand I don't think. A dungeon master or dungeon core is a rough equivalent to a king or something - a character with inherent power and authority. And (...)

    13. RE: How can you get other Writers to view your story without coming across as obnoxious.

      I mean at the end of the day people don't generally throw out random plugs for free. Fans don't like it. There's a reason the #sellout meme is a thing. I don't think there's any feasible way to get someone (...)

    14. Why does typing in this sites text boxes kill my spellcheck?

      Checked the first couple pages and I didn't see any threads answering this question, so here it is. Is that just me? Is it my browser or something? It's super annoying if it's because of the site - (...)

    15. RE: Now recruiting Reviewers, more info inside

      That concerned me as well Hat, the OP outlines a minimum wordcount for writer's but doesn't have any explicit outline for the reviewer. I suppose the service is aimed at newer fictions? And it could be (...)

    16. RE: Now recruiting Reviewers, more info inside

      Sounds interesting. I'd sort of like to help with reviewing and stuff, though I'm not sure exactly how you would collaborate to make a review.

    17. RE: How long do you spend reading on RoyalRoad?

      Your poll need additional options. I typically spend 1.5 - 2 hours a day reading on RRL. So that puts me at minimum 12 hours a week Yea that's what I was getting at. Having the biggest category (...)

    18. RE: Google Images for book cover

      It's not legal obviously. If you see your art being used without permission you can report it to the site admins. If you use someone else's art to make money you can be sued but probably most times it (...)

    19. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      I feel like if you're reading (or writing) a "harem", you've already surrendered the moral high ground. While it may be possible to write a harem that respectfully depicts women and their agency... I've (...)