1. Re: Best type of tournament for 10 people?

      Idea 5 is the best If you want a rematch the 4-person tourney could be double-elimination, lol

    2. Re: Most bizarre novel I read on RR so far

      Oh my God, it's like an AI watched nothing but Fox News for 30 days straight and then made a Royal Road account. That was about as subtle as Tucker Carlson on crystal meth. Does the main character (...)

    3. Re: Most bizarre novel I read on RR so far

      It might not be that suspicious, I remember I also made my first account just to be able to post a review and follow a story (to keep the link without bookmarks). It's only a little suspicious, but this (...)

    4. Re: Putting the genre in the fiction title

      Amazon has started banning authors for it AFAIK. I'm a bit conflicted myself. That said, because we don't use a normal search engine but something a lot more targeted (and clunky in the sense that (...)

    5. Re: Putting the genre in the fiction title

      It's free real estate  :DrakanLaugh:

    6. Re: I thought that [write] was for writing and publishing, apparantly it's the forums, which sub forum should (...)

      I guess general is fine. But you could also do it at Art or Marketing/Self-promotion (people talk about their own fictions there)

    7. Re: Author Websites...?

      If you're going to make your own site, PLEASE don't make it a pure copy of Wildbow's. I've seen like 20 of those, with the exact same layouts and the link at the top. Be at least a little unique, it will (...)

    8. Re: Most bizarre novel I read on RR so far

      I liked it, found it refreshing at the very least. Not something you see every day, even if it was overdone and not that funny, it caught my eye. And was slightly funny. Also I don't think many people (...)

    9. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      this thread is hurting me... but I'm taking notes for my current story. :peocrying: We love VRMMOs I think it's just the authors that are salty about it. Nothing wrong with them 

    10. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      I'd like to read an MMO with a protagonist who's just mucking around. A troll. The Leeroy Jenkins and the weirdo's who are running around in their underwear for no discernable reason except they (...)

    11. Re: Retaining Readers

      This sounds pretty normal to me. There are some threads floating around where other people screenshotted their stats

    12. Re: How Prevailing is VRMMO Hate?

      I don't think VRMMOs have that much hate. You've mentioned most of the potential issues yourself. They seem to me like slightly less loved than LitRPGs, but the difference isn't huge. You can get away (...)

    13. Re: Quick Question

      Maybe its just hard to find it. But that's unlikely

    14. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      It  would need to be on the frontpage or you would still hear complaints. Even that might not be enough, since they would be seperated from the regular "Popular this Week" into a new category, and the (...)

    15. Re: ratings - Which is better?

      I think more ratings helps more with "the algorithm" and how much your story will be promoted to others. Just having 2-3 5 star ratings is almost like having nothing at all

    16. Re: Changes to [Popular This Week]

      I support this change, or at least the idea, which is to promote the stories which we can ACTUALLY READ WITHOUT PAYING. Seeing a story which has the beginning cut off is a waste of time and space to me. (...)

    17. Re: Can anyone help decypher this comment?

      @Edge Valmond come decypher this

    18. Re: Most frustrating thing about your setting?

      My story is set in an alternate history 10,000BCE and I always have to catch myself when I use measurements of time, like my MC can't say "Wait a minute" or "just a second" or "a few hours from now". (...)

    19. Re: Hmm…Curious. As Many Are Advised to Give an Answer

      I don't see much difference between power fantasy and progression fantasy, which is about increasing the MC's power.

    20. Re: What should I do?

      I think it's probably better to write the new one first, then fix the older stuff bit by bit