1. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway! 5+ Winners!!!

      Winners generated using this website, with the seed "royalroad"! The 5 winners are: #1 - Skipped #44 (...)

    2. Re: Is this a "well written' infodump?

      It's still a bit too dry, I think. Most of it is like from a wikipedia page. Especially being so specific as to say "their height is 3 feet 6 inches" and "on average they weight only 70 pounds".  Also, (...)

    3. Re: Quest appreciation thread

      Finally! I tried to solve the cyphers/riddles for the last few years but I had never succeeded before, they all seemed impossible. This was way more fun :))

    4. Re: Art for the ferryman

      Mine was this, a play on the word "Ferryman":

    5. Re: Anyone have an actor/celebrity who follows them around in all their projects?

      No, I do not know any actors in real life, for which I would want to write a story specifically hoping that it would one day turn into a movie, where that actor would play a character. That idea sounds (...)

    6. (closed) Free Author Premium Giveaway! 30 Winners!!!

      10 Author premiums were gifted each round :DrakanSmug;. The Giveaway is over    :peocool: First round of Winners here: Second round (...)

    7. Re: Help, any idea what this might be called?

      Damn, I don't even know how to explain it. Let's say My full name is Steven Allas (with allas as family name) I have two child: a boy and a girl  They both get my family name "Allas" The boy gets (...)

    8. Re: The MOST USELESS Skills!!!

      1. You now have the power to read your own mind.  2. You can shapeshift into an older, fatter, and uglier version of yourself. You can't undo this.  3. You now have the power to turn food into poop, (...)

    9. Re: What's a common first rating on this website?

      3.5, an hour before my first chapter was approved. I dunno which mod gave me a head start tho~ Hahahhahahahaha this is way too funny (...)

    10. Read Later folder growing, and growing, and growing...

      My "Read Later" folder is growing more and more, lately. I'm adding new stories there way faster than reading them, and removing them from the list.  Does anybody else have the same problem? I don't (...)

    11. Re: Solving Problems with Violence?

      There are ways to make him more "cool" and "badass" that don't have anything to do with him being a pacifist, or how he handles himself in fight scenes. I think that's what you're missing a bit at the (...)

    12. Re: what is STUB

      It means that a part of it is not on Royalroad anymore, it has been removed. (But a part of the chapters are still here) 

    13. Re: I just noticed that most novels in to rising star have incredibly long title, maybe I should do the same.

      There's actually nothing I hate more than long descriptive titles. If your title is a synopsis then you've failed at life in my opinion. Just to make this clear, this is not sarcasm, it's my honest opinion. (...)

    14. Re: I just noticed that most novels in to rising star have incredibly long title, maybe I should do the same.

      Technically speaking if your title was so long to cover the entire webpage, you would get 100% of all clicks on Royalroad. Hmmm... 

    15. Re: I just noticed that most novels in to rising star have incredibly long title, maybe I should do the same.

      More text -> bigger area to click that your link covers -> you get more clicks

    16. Re: Finding the correct genre tag.

      Yeah my bad, in my mind "fantasy world" = "medieval world", what I meant to say is that if it were originally a medival world, that I wouldn't really tag it sci-fi. But no traces of actual magic / fantasy (...)

    17. Re: Finding the correct genre tag.

      Sci-fi Adventure is the two main ones that would stand out to me.  Superhero in the sub-tags, and soft sci-fi.  Other tags would depend maybe on what other aspects drive the story, is it relationships (...)

    18. Re: ROYAL ROAD APP?

      I only use my phone for phonecalls so I wouldn't care either way

    19. Re: Ha-ha you activated my trap card! Over-zealous planning!

      I think it's because planning is a lot easier than actually sitting down and starting to write it. And yes, I KNOW planning can be super-complicated, and can easily just continue to spiral on and on and (...)

    20. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      One-digit. But it depends how big of a timespan you're talking about. If Chapter 2 is not going to be posted for a full week, many of your current readers will find the story in the meantime (especially (...)