1. Re: IQ overrated for writing ability because of online editing services?

      You can definitely become an amazing writer without having a super-high IQ, but yes, it might be a bit harder. It's simply such a complex art.  But the difference between normal people and genious writers (...)

    2. Re: What's the first thing that interests you when discovering a fantasy world?

      The theme, the vibe, the people. I want the "visuals" in my head to be captivating. The smells, the sounds, the scenes. Vast, colorful, flavorful, enticing, COOL! :) Also like for the characters to (...)

    3. Re: Did I fix my blurb? How do I pick a good title?

      Here's some feedback. It's not bad, but it's pretty clunky, and a bit hard to understand.  "a survivor, a two-face, a liar shuffling an ever-changing deck of secrets. But his red-eyed teacher, the man (...)

    4. Re: My third 0.5 in a row in a span of 2 wks

      The anonymous "thumbs up" buttons you keep mentioning already exists. It's the "Follow" button

    5. Re: What do you think shows good character growth?

      I also don't think you should overdo it. If by the end of the book, none of the characters even resemble what they were like in the beginning, and doing complete 180 shifts in a forced manner because the (...)

    6. Re: Choose your weapon!

      Close range: a knife! Easy to hide, so probably the most useful weapon in your day-to-day life. If you get attacked, you can use it to scare away the attacker, and it's still deadly if the fight actually (...)

    7. Re: Will posting my novel on a forum like RoyalRoad/Wattpad/reddit etc harm its reputation?

      Either way, I take their words far better than the words of highly professional but out-of-touch editors and publishers from the traditional publishing houses.  Elab. Out of 5 books i randomly pick (...)

    8. Re: Can I ask authors for their user retention for chapters 1-3 for a study?

      Don't be annoying, mass-sending PMs asking people for their private analytics is spamming-level.

    9. Re: Why do you write about slavery?

      It's a neat way to show who the bad guys are, and who the good guys are. Like having bad guys randomly rape women. "Omg, the MC is freeing the slaves! Wow he's such a hero!", etc. Also, in harem stories, (...)

    10. Re: Request: 2 New Features

      The place to put it is in Suggestions, which is under the "Support" menu at the top of the page. I could really use some advice in regards to that page. How does that page work? I can't seem to log (...)

    11. Re: Help pick a cover and feedback on blurb

      All three look amazing, not sure if I like the #2 or #3 picture better. BUT. They're all way too detailed / way too small. The text and title are barely readable even with this huge zoom. Make it smaller, (...)

    12. Re: Serif vs. Sans Serif Fonts - Debate!

      I override everything with sans-serif on royalroad

    13. Re: Social Justice genre/tag for stories?

      It's an addition that's actively wokefying the site. And if that's not political, idk what is. It might get added, but I wouldn't be surprised if the suggestion was rejected

    14. Re: Do you have to justify everything in a story?

      Only a few hardcore nerds might complain. 99% of people will just accept it, or even love it. So no, you don't have to justify it. :)

    15. Re: Social Justice genre/tag for stories?

      Read the FAQ. Spot the big, bold, "No politics". Why? It's a big ruiner of fun, and cause of conflict/controversy. 

    16. Re: Stories so good you've read them multiple times

      Wildbow's Pact and Twig :) They're my #1 and #2 favorite webnovels 

    17. Re: litrpg story idea brainstorming/challange

      LitRPG where people can buy/sell/trade their levels, or pure XP, or skills!  Like, between people? Or from some kind of system shop? If it's between people I can see some massive schemes get (...)

    18. Re: litrpg story idea brainstorming/challange

      LitRPG where people can buy/sell/trade their levels, or pure XP, or skills! 

    19. Re: Is LitRPG a must for you?

      No, not a must. I'm neutral about it, read stories both with and without 

    20. Re: Unpopular Opinion: .5 or 5 Star Ratings should be forced to leave reviews.

      And what, when they write a detailed review for the 0.5, and you disagree with all the points? Will authors perhaps want the review deleted, together with the rating? (There is no way to delete a rating, (...)