1. Re: ROYAL ROAD APP?

      I only use my phone for phonecalls so I wouldn't care either way

    2. Re: Ha-ha you activated my trap card! Over-zealous planning!

      I think it's because planning is a lot easier than actually sitting down and starting to write it. And yes, I KNOW planning can be super-complicated, and can easily just continue to spiral on and on and (...)

    3. Re: How many followers is a normal amount of followers to gain after posting chapter 1 of your story?

      One-digit. But it depends how big of a timespan you're talking about. If Chapter 2 is not going to be posted for a full week, many of your current readers will find the story in the meantime (especially (...)

    4. Re: From what you have seen, what is the most boring, and annoying stereotypes about dragons in western fanta (...)

      Them being stupid enough that any "clever" adventurer can fool them/outthink them, when they hundreds of years of wisdom on their side 

    5. Re: Comedic wit alongside dark humor is hard to find, anyone else ?

      You might like "How to avoid death on a daily basis". But it's more edgy humour, rather than dark. Or, half and half...?

    6. Re: Authors Who Dislike Comments Fixing Typos: Read This

      I don't think such an author exists lolll

    7. Re: Is it a low-traffic week for views or what?

      First week of college maybe, in some places? At least it is for me  Summer ended, which is when people have the most free time, right 

    8. Re: Author Etiquette Questions!

      It's not only DrBuller, it's absolutely normal to give (and expect) max rep. To give less, you need to spam the "minus" button because you do not think the comment deserves as much rep as possible. It's (...)

    9. Re: I got unbanned

      Are you talking about this copypasta? What does this have to do with RR? He put it in his author's biography I think? And it has some naughty words

    10. Re: Follower-count guessing game!

      hero's song just hit an awesome milestone actually i bet you can guess the follower count accurately :DrakanPotato: 100? You have a lot of chapters posted! I had read through a part of it, it's (...)

    11. Re: Follower-count guessing game!

      Try mine It's really new and small, but fanfiction which helps a lot, and the writing looks good (but I did note some missing periods, just glancing over it), so I'll guess around 15! 

    12. Re: Dividing the Best Rated

      Oh my God this looks even better than having them one below another!!!! 

    13. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      That, and I often sneak in typing a chap on work time. :Peopew: :Peopew: :Peopew: :Peopew: :Peopew: :Peopew:

    14. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Just moved in my first apartment, who's gonna teach me how to do laundry  :DrakanFascinating:

    15. Re: To all authors: don't give up if you're demotivated. Press on, rewrite, or start a new story. Whatever it (...)

      :peoeyesparkle: :peoapproval: :peoYes: :peoloveu: :peolove: :DrakanAmused: :DrakanPotato: :peoeyesparkle:

    16. Re: The Trash Race Contestants...

      I would enter my own Garbage Isekai Story to this pile.  It's not fast food. But it's trash enough with what I have planned.   A Garbage Isekai  See ya'll in the funny papers. I post Weekly, (...)

    17. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      Did you sumbit a ticket? wait. you can do that? To just ask a question? Yeah, that's literally what it's built for. Though it usually takes like a week or so to get a response... I got (...)

    18. Re: The Trash Race Contestants...

      You forgot to add mine. I know you're just joking around but these stories are (mostly) memes, yours is good quality  :peoeating:

    19. Re: Issues with reviews

      Well, idk. There are stories that started of pretty bad in my opinion, but improved a lot over the future months/years, and I would've missed out on A GREAT story if I just clicked off right away! It's (...)

    20. Re: What do you think of this cover art?

      I think the title should be way bigger than your own name. It's more imporant. (Unless you're so famous that people would recognize your name right away and it would make them want to click it)