Unlimited Power - The Arcane Path

Unlimited Power - The (...)
by Ex-Soldier Lv 99
1.5k pages

                A college student was returning home after studying abroad for several years when the end of the world happened. A dragon appeared out of nowhere and attacked the plane he was in, thanks to an incredible amount of luck and his quick-thinking, he managed to survive the plane crash only to get stuck on a tropical island.

                A weird system took over the world and brought monsters to Earth. While nations collapsed and the world as a whole was being destroyed by ridiculous monsters, Leon was stuck in a godforsaken island with no chances of being rescued. What will happen to him? How will the world change while he is away? Will he even manage to return?

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Vainqueur the Dragon

Vainqueur the Dragon
by Void Herald
1.7k pages

Vainqueur is now available on Amazon! Book 1, Book 2

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

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Legend of the Gunslinger Mage

Legend of the Gunslinger (...)
by ImBloo
339 pages

In 2042, the Virtual Reality game Epoch of Liberty (EoL) is a worldwide phenomenon, with a player base of 500 million and an in-game economy comparable to Russia.

Mahn Li, the top player of the guild Scourge, was betrayed by his closest friend Fatty Fu - murdered in the real world. The in-game business was tied with the real-world business. And business, as they say, was war. Mahn Li was simply another casualty…

… Until he inexplicably woke up in the body of his 22-year-old self - one week before EoL went live.

"Is this my second chance?" He asked himself: "What should I do?"

"Should I find a job? A real one? Be a good, productive member of society? Live a meaningful life? Forget about the 10 years of my life lost in endless battles in a virtual world?"

"F*CK THAT!!!"

"I’m gonna wreck all the bastards responsible for my death! And Fatty Fu! Wait until I get my hands on your slimy neck!"

Aiding Mahn Li on his quest for vengeance is his knowledge of the future. Using it, he will get the sickest, baddest gears in the game! The most powerful of them all is an artifact that is a little bit out of place in this fantasy-themed game.

A gun.

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Chronicles of a Dungeon Core

Chronicles of a Dungeon (...)
by dragon_knight79347
4.1k pages

A young man awakens to find himself in what he is told is the depths of a dungeon. He is told he will have a month to train before setting out on his own to make his own dungeon. Most dungeons cores are born with all the knowledge they are required to survive, but for some reason this young man has trouble adjusting.  The story follows the life of dungeon core #212 while he discovers just what it means to be a dungeon core.

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Dragon: Birth of an Ancient

Dragon: Birth of an Ancient
by Skada88
303 pages

Deep in a secluded forest, within the depths of a long forgotten cave, an unnatural silence that has reigned for little over a million years is shattered as a hatchling takes its first breath. To the various species that called this world, one of seven, home, the matter seemed beyond insignificant. 

The hatchling, like all monsters, had no divine backing and with its age, could only be considered a lesser existence. A being to be used by the Chosen and noble monster bloodlines in their never-ending pursuit of power, fame and immortality.

However, how could any of the short-lived races, Chosen and Monster alike, know that the tiny, weak, lizard-like creature was much more than it seemed. That it was an entity only spoken of in myth and legend. From a species that their ancestors, with the backing of the Gods, paid a huge price to remove. A heretical existence that threatened the fragile peace that had descended upon their world.

A Dragon.



** Cover done by the amazing Felix!***

I am writing this story for a friend who is currently in hospital and in a very precarious situation. He gave me the plot/ concept and, after my own health issues, I wanted to try and brighten his day and provide a distraction from the monotony of their hospital stay. 

I am posting it on RRL mainly in case anyone else can find enjoyment from the story and to show the readers of my other stories that I am not permanently MIA (and will 100% return to those stories in the future). 

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A Novel World

A Novel World
by solopath
344 pages

When a science experiment goes wrong, strange forces step in and change the underlying laws of the universe, simply because they appreciate the entertainment value Humans provide. Watch as Jen Byrnes seeks to learn more about the new world around her, and to become the Mad Scientist she had always aspired to.


With inspiration from Randidly Ghosthound.

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Endless Online: Wildcards (Book 1)

Endless Online: Wildcards (...)
by MH Johnson
31 pages


To all my readers. Thank you so much for all your support and interest, and I am happy to report that Endless Online, Books 1-5, are now on Amazon!

This latest novel in the Endless universe involves Dominion genetic experiments, zombie generating arichnoid horrors, and teenagers who have no idea just how doomed they are, programmed as genetic monsters only now blossoming into their true dark powers.

If you haven't already read this story and would like to before I take it down, you have til July 20th and thanks for enjoying the read!

In the meantime, inspired as I have been by the awesome Wuxia authors who share such wonderful tales with us on this site, I wanted to try my hand at a Wuxia/Xanxia & LitRPG crossover novel combining elements of both genres while remaining true to my own style! 

Here is a link to  Silver Fox & The Western Hero!

I will post 2 or 3 chapters in the next couple of days so my readers know about it, with links to the main story! After chapter 3 I will post everything there, so I do hope you will favorite or follow it, should you find the tale worthy of your time. My tentative release schedule is once every other day until book 1 is complete. And you all know me. It takes me a while to get my head around each story, but once I do, I share it with you guys until the tale is told!

And for those of you enjoying Wildcards Book 1... Thank you! I will be taking down this main story in just a few short days so please enjoy the read while it's still up! After that? If you'd like to support my work by grabbing a copy on Amazon (where it will be on Kindle Unlimited, I promise!) or just leave a review and let people know it's worth checking out? I would, as always, be extremely grateful!

Grateful to have you all as readers & fans,

MH Johnson

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Necromancer and Co.

Necromancer and Co.
by Dissonance
828 pages

In a time before the existence of the present, the gods decided to create a plane of existence where all their creations could exist in the same place. In it, all would be fair, and all gaps between races and technological advancements could be crossed with a single system that the gods had created. Every year, the gods would choose a new race to put in their land, and in this new group of beautifully unlucky people, Alen, his friends, and a few people from Earth have finally met their turn to be tossed into the playground of the gods.

Unfortunately though, Alen was thrust into a forest of corpse-eating bears and horribly smelly undead on his first day, one of the many danger-zones of the continent the gods had chosen to throw them in. It would be easy to say that he simply died within the first day, or that he'd starved to death or whatever, but let's be honest...

That story would be no fun to tell, yes?

(Re-write of my first fiction with the same name.)

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by The Irregular
293 pages

This fic has been rewritten and improved, go to the rewritten version!





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Earth's First Dungeon

Earth's First Dungeon
by Johnist
106 pages

Reginald Montgomery was a high class Rules Lawyer, specializing in the 'art' of Min-Maxing a Character.  He had been the secret behind the ability of the Guild 'Eternal Gamer' being able to obtain the World First Clears of various MMOs for the last five years.  The political entities of the world had hidden the imminent approach of a gigantic meteor, of similar size to the one that theoretically wiped out the dinosaurs, until it was able to be spotted by high powered astronomical telescopes.

The United Nations sends nukes into a crater located deep on the meteor, breaking it into millions of smaller fragments, except for around two areas, where there was a building that looked like an old school Roman temple and one where there was a giant metallic cube.  The cube crashed into Reginald's backyard, and his 'gamer' senses were itching at the chance of supremely valuable loot.

Upon investigating, he is injected with a control crystal for a 'Construction Core', but when it releases an extremely high density of pressurized mana, his body seizes up and the Core draws his mind into it before merging the control crystal back into the Core and retreating into the Cube and digging itself deeper.

Two months later, Reginald becomes aware again, only to find out that nothing is as it was and he is now the Earth's First Dungeon...

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Transcendental Misappropriation (Book One of the Pentacle Series)

Transcendental Misappropriation (...)
by Roharp17
395 pages

Danny's life was going well.  He had a steady job and plans to buy his own place.  That was until some rogue junk mail decided he needed a change of scenery.

Now Danny's got a new start in another world and he needs to make sure he doesn't squander this opportunity at making the most of this new life.


Now available on Amazon

If you like this work please support me by purchasing a copy.   Otherwise I really hope you enjoy(ed) this free version.


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Ancestor, Wake Up! (Xianxia novel)

Ancestor, Wake Up! (Xianxia (...)
by Youngest
312 pages


The thirty-year war against the two world superpowers had ended.

The Dragon Mountain continent had won. After sacrificing so much for the continent, winning the war for his people, The Leader who United the Continent, An Shan, had to go into deep sleep.

In a blink of his eyes, times had gone by.

Finally waking up in the world he left for many years, An Shan began his new life with new people, new culture, new things to see. With the population booming, there were ten times more people than he could remember, yet also with ten times more problems. He slowly unraveled the problems gripping his new generations, thus decided to go out, fixing them without the two superpowers knowing.


It was supposed to be a walk in a park for this super senior, albeit with one little problem.

The old man’s sleepy.

Damn sleepy.



Ah, this tranquility… so peaceful.

Huhu… what a bliss…

Wish this could last forever… Ahh~~





“…Ancestor, wake up!!!”

'My ears!'




May 6th 2019, Author's Note:

I realized a huge mistake on my part. This novel will go into hiatus for now. I need to focus on just one novel till I get used to the writing regiment. I will be focusing on the novel "You booster!" this year. Another Xianxia novel, but fortunately, I learned my mistakes from this one.

Any new news will be announced here.

I am sorry for this. Writing this novel proved to be a much more challenging task. I learned from this and turn into something less complicated. This author will focus on the fun part instead of all these grand schemings...





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