Azeal Neralum

The writing is okay (the tone is a bit too melodramatic for me sometimes), the premise seems good, but there is very little story progession and the story is told by sometimes 3 different POVs in one chapter. Most of the characters' POV don't add much to the story and the charcters are not memorable (probably because there are just too many that are crammed in too close to each other). 

I did not read all of the chapters that are out (32) and stopped at 22, because the whole chapter was another POV from a character that hadn't been introduced or alluded to yet, after the last chapter ended in a POV from a different character that also had not been introduced before that. So in 22 chapters there were POVs from at least 9 different characters, excluding the MC.
What I remember:

Spoiler: Spoiler

That is just too much. I woudn't be surprised if there is more text from other POVs than from the MC.

Beyond Floating

A different kind of ghost story

Review at ch 19:

Our MC Muse is a ghost and that comes with pros and cons.

Pro, she can't die, can't feel pain and can do all kinds of cool ghost stuff.

Con, Isaac the sorcerer has part of her soul as hostage and now she has to get used to her new "life" in the shared house of a group of freaky (but surprisingly friendly) supernatural hitmen. Thus pulling her into their constant battle with the Vatican.

Isaac's true motives stay a mystery. What is he really planning and who is the true enemy?

This fiction does not suffer from the usual RR mistakes, such as paper thin characters and long winded info dumping paragraphs.

The writing is good, grammar as well. The characters are fleshed out and individual. The story progression is smooth and there is an overarching conflict to drive the story.

I'd say the only way this falls short is that it is not as good as Kats newest story "The Masks Of Under", which is kinda nitpicky. It is great to see how much her writing has progressed, but in comparison the characters seem a little whimsical at times and the dialogue is not as natural, plus there is a bit of world building missing.

Cleaning Up The Future

great Apocalypse sci-fi thriller

This has been a really interesting start, great grammar and pacing, with vivid characters.

5 stars because it's just too early to do a real rating, but the potential is very much there.

While some concepts seem familiar already, the apocalypse, the "system", being transported in time and/or space, this has a much more realistic and scientific spin to it. I didn't even notice those points as the usual templates, very well executed.

The grammar is great, can't say anything bad about it. The flow of the writing is also nice to read and the author is doing a good job at creating tension. 

The characters that have been introduced until now seem fleshed out and real. I am quite confident that they will stay true to that in their actions to come and that the author will manage realistic character development. Time will tell.

I just hope that the level of writing will hold up to the beginning, which has been very fun to read.

Of course this review is not too in depth, because there has been only a few chapters, but I'll try to update it and do a more detailed one later. 

Dante's Immortality

Entertaining with some weaknesses

Edited again at chapter 116: stars are for the author showing vast imrovement over the course of the story. Most of the negative parts in this review happen in the first 50 chapters.

Story: We follow Dante, an abandoned orphan, excluded by society. After recieving his blessings and thus his status/classification, he ventures out into the world.
The "cheat" is done nicely and should be balanced throughout the story, though he does get a bit OP around 102. Spoiler: The Cheat 

 Progression of the story can be a bit bumpy, but it's good to read and the author gets better as the story goes on. The edit that the author did, was good for the overall flow, but some weak plotpoints stayed.

About dropped storylines: There are several storylines that get "teased" and are not followed up on. Like the author didn't know if he wanted to move the story in that direction, but at some point it might come in handy. I was actually pleasantly surprised, that not all of these storylines are dropped, so there is hope. You just need a lot of patience and maybe a look at the "List of names, houses and places". 

Spoiler: Teased Storylines 

 About Dante: While still being a bit spongy and hard to grasp, he does make for an okay character and there has been some development already. I guess the first real impression about his inner life (for me) comes after the Wasteland chapters with Melisandre (ch 70+ somewhere I think?). Maybe the edit did some good here too, but I didn't reread the whole story.
One main weak point is motivation, I think. There are tons of things that could be used, from the story or just his circumstances, but it doesn't feel like he has a goal or a plan (except very short time plans, that are motivated by other people telling/asking him to do that now).

Spoiler: Possible but unused character motivation 

 Side characters are not done too badly, but tbh I didn't feel anything for the side characters, until after the Chaos Region ark started, mostly just disappointment at the lost potential. The author then gets better at writing them with a personality, more reasonable in their actions and more likable as well.
A weakness is definitely that Dante changes locations often and none of the side characters stay at his side for very long, thus losing the chance to build a relationship with the reader. That is also improved in the later story. 

Spoiler: Examples 

 It's not up to the point that it's very bothering, overall it does fit together. Does not make for a bad story, but certainly dampens the reading fun.

In a nutshell: This is a fun to read and it has potential, a new region can bring a whole lot of new adventure every time the MC advances. Also the author is clearly putting a lot of work in it, rewrites chapters where he feels are potential plotholes, changes things to make them more plausible and cares for the opinions of his readers. 
But there are some dropped storylines or storylines that don't add anything. Also don't expect too much from the characters.


History with a supernatural twist

5 stars at chapter five, because the other fictions of this author are really interesting, keep their quality and have good world and character building. Also nobody has rated before, so this is a kickstarter rating.

In this alternative universe the twist comes from the supernatural ability to feel, influence and gain strengh from others emotions. I am looking forward to see how that will affect the story and where it is headed.

Vladerag has several ongoing fictions that are updated regularly (and that I am reading as well), so this fiction is probably not prioritized. It does sound interesting and I hope it will continue when the author has the time and capacity for it :)

Come Sevenfall

Not my usual genre, but damn is it good!

As of chapter 7.2 (i.e. 44 individual releases):

The author seems to have come back from a 9 months hiatus and I couldn't be happier, because this turned out to be quite addicting. FYI: Even though the main characters are both named Seven and come from a laboratory, this is not like "The girl named Seven" at all.

I like the writing, the pacing, the characters, the cover (drawn by the author). I kinda binge-read through all the chapters, so I can't give an in depth review, but this has all the markings of a good story.

The characters are natural, the world building is interesting and I just really like Seven, he's adorbs and Lex is too, in his own way. It's not too spoilery, but just in case:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Okay, careful, here comes nitpicking on stuff that is not actually that bad:

Spoiler: Spoiler

How The Weak Live

I'm not gonna lie: This review is absolutely biased, not objective in the least.

Alright, now that that is out of the way I would like to recommend reading this to anyone who is sick of flat characters, uninspired writing and/or bad grammar. You won't find any of those things here.

Of course that means that the story lingers, gives you insights to the characters' thoughts, reflects on the happenings, builds up atmosphere and tension. That sounds good, it's nice to read too, but does not make for the (overly) rapid story development you might be used to from other fictions.

Read at your own risk, I am close to dropping a few fictions that are just not written as well as this ;)