1. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      Thank you, your review really highlighted some areas to work on: like romance I really didn’t mean to imply any romance since I’m completely oblivious to it 

    2. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Thanks be to you For your beautiful review Woven with great insight  On that which I write :peolove:

    3. Re: Review Swap

      I would love to swap with you, your synopsis look very interesting. The link for my story is in my sigma 

    4. Re: I’ll review your story, swap not required.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on my story if you have the time. Link’s in my sig :)

    5. Re: Thedude3445's Weekly TheReviews3445 Thread (No Swaps, Don't Stop)

      Would you mind taking a look at my story? Link is in my sig.  I think I gave you a review a couple of days ago on Systemless Earth, does that count as shilling?

    6. Re: Review swap with an alien!

      I just did a huge round of edits and would love to get a fresh opinion, would you be interested in it? link is in my sig.

    7. Re: Looking for the urban fantasy/superhero stories

       The Zombie Knight Saga is an all-time fave of mine and has really convincing world-building plus some great characters Super Powereds is the superhero story that got me into web fiction and is now complete (...)

    8. Re: Are you affected?

      This is a bit unrelated but I came across a study underway that is collecting data right now on how people are affected by COVID-19 that some of you might be interested in. It took me less than 10 minutes (...)

    9. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Would you mind taking a look at mine? I've done a few versions of it but I'm never entirely happy with it. I think it's because there are two MC's with separate but related stories and I have some difficulty (...)

    10. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Would you care to explore my signature? There lies a story you might consider to read and share your beatific thoughts with playful words; I'd thank you lots! :DrakanMelt:

    11. Re: why can't i as a male reader enjoy stories with a female main character?

      All of this to say that if you're a guy, I'd imagine you don't want to put yourself in a woman's shoes. A.) it seems strange. B.) unlike women reading male POV's (which is very very common) there is (...)

    12. Re: A Tentative Introduction

      Nice to meet ya, Jazlyn! Your taste isn't a mess... or else mine is *gasp!* Have you read anything from the Jack Reacher series? I've just started and I'm really loving it. Or I am not a serial killer? (...)

    13. Re: I Got Transported To A New Website, So I Thought I'd Introduce Myself

      Welcome! :peohello: What do you think about the new Animal crossing? Even my sister's boyfriend is getting into it. I once played it on the Nintendo DS when I was younger and cheated by changing the (...)

    14. Re: Hi and Hello

      Don’t you know it’s unethical to post pictures of your baby online! D: She deserves the love and adoration of all! Honestly... I just fond myself with a couple-hundred pictures all of her, and more (...)

    15. Re: Hi and Hello

      I'm super new around these parts, but hi & hello to you too! Anyone who loves puppies is good people in my book!  What kind of doggo is she? You are my kind of people! She's a golden doodle who's (...)

    16. Re: Are you affected?

      22,900 new confirmed cases yesterday; the cases are increasing at literally an exponential rate right now. Here's an extremely useful map to see how the world has been affected so far. Africa is just (...)

    17. Re: Review Offer (and Hopefully Swap)

      I completed my read-through of 'Crimson Crow' Current read is Idle Dreamer: First World by SaitamaTsukino next up might be 10k Years Silent Cultivation by FidgetyFolk then probably The Nephlim (...)

    18. Re: Are you affected?

      Well here's an update: over the weekend the number of cases in my country doubled (now over 400) and all international flights are restricted to residents in 4 airports across the country and only Americans (...)

    19. Re: Hi and Hello

      A random fact about me is that I have read a dictionary cover to cover.  I think I might have done so on the February thread... not sure; thought it best to have one in the official place for introductions. (...)

    20. Re: Hi and Hello

      I'm not exactly new... But I thought I should make like my name and say Hi to all you peeps out there. I have a fiction on this site that I started after a lot of reading, and I still mostly read (though (...)