The Children of Atlantis.

A Story Deserving Of More Attention And Praise!

Having read a decent part of the story, I can not fathom how this still hasn't reached more people. Perhaps the title or the lack of a cover is preventing this story from reaching the heights it deserves, I hope that my review can convince those that consider taking this up that it is definitely worth your time!


We follow for the most part Enid, each chapter the author reveals more and more of the rich history of the main protagonist. Enid is a seer, heir to the throne of the vampire empire and at first we follow her when she is solving a problem that is threathening to disturb the fragile "peace" of vampires in human society. 

This however is not an origin story. From this point in the story the character has already lived for over 1200 years and has ashieved her mastery of her powers. Yet she still is confronted by things and powers that are higher and unknown to her. 

The author manages to incorporate existing lore (from sources like the bible) into the story that both manages to familiarize us with it while still giving it a spin to make it unique and mysterious. The story reads to me as a sort of biography with retellings of an immortal character throughout history. The author finds good ways to lead into each time period and makes you hunger for more information in each time period of what exactly happened. Time jumps are used wisely, needed for a story spanning millenia.

Grammer and style are good, sometimes you see a word that should have been removed, or a sentence that whilst typing probably was rewritten and the verb not being the correct tense but for even an average reader of the english language this forms absolutely no problem.

Either way, it is a great read so take your time and start reading this undiscovered diamond, with almost 1000 pages and updates daily! This is perfect for someone that loves stories spanning entire centuries and even for those who don't! A great find deserving of so much more!

To the author: You have a gift, don't give up!

Crown of Thorns

Truly a hidden gem, a sight for sore eyes!

First things first, this story is just pleasing to read, a real joy to the eyes. Not often do you find a hidden gem with such excellent grammar. Too often you are ripped out of the immersion and the flow of the story by encountering an error or a word that is not were it's supposed to be. The author of this story has a way with words that is rarely seen on sites like this one, without having actual published works under their names. For a first work, I can only bow to the use of the vocabulary... But on to the story. Enough about me complaining about the average grammar you encounter on this site...


The story is about a girl (from our world?) that dies and is reborn into Faerie, the MC. While not knowing much she explores her world, her little garden of eden, while making changes and adding whatever catches her fancy. The story itself is still in its infancy. Only 3 chapters out whilst publishing this review. But I can definitely say you'd want in on the ride. 

With a slowly growing amount of unique characters being added, I can say this will probably be a ride you'll want to catch and if not that, certainly worth a try!

While the character's names might be off putting for some, the author has already adressed his reasoning behind them, and I can get behind his explanation. With the level of maturity of the MC it makes sense for them to be still referred as their basic selves. Their indivuality still needs to grow as wel as the intelligence of the MC. With her beinga little child when she died, and her not having addressed that fact yet, it's unknown if the MC knows she's been reborn or not, or if she will remember later on... Anyway, you should read to find out!

Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices

As the title suggest, that's what happened to me. The chapters all have great grammar, read fluently and have a nice lenght. Things I consider vital to a great story. Which this certainly has the potential to become.

As for the story premise. I've seen a lot of attempts to make a "villain" mc work. But with this story I actually believe it will. The fact that the MC, Erich might not be as willing to be one makes it all the more entertaining.

He might get dragged into the villain lifestyle not by his own decision, but he's gonna make it work anyway. 

Quod Olim Erat

A.I in space, right up my alley. Read it!

 A retired war experienced ship A.I. returning to service but with a twist. Now experiencing everything like the thousands of people that used to occupy her old self. While also giving the military a headache on how to handle her situation.

With only 9 chapters out and a steady release date of about 1 chapter a week, we get some world building and excellent conversations and grammar. At no point was I disrupted from the flow of the story and was thus able to binge read until the final chapter without pause. The characters, both human and A.I., to this point, have different personalities and feel unique. While the M.C. experiences this with excitement, not knowing what to expect next.

Definitely a story that deserves much more attention and praise.

If you are interested in A.I. related stories read it, if not read it anyway cause this story is good.