Adventures of an Old Dreamer

Oh my god, take some writing classes. All I've seen so far is repeats of cliches of popular stories executed without a lot of skill. I don't feel attached to any characters and the setting, while possibly interesting, fails to interest me due to the telling instead of showing.

Requiem of Souls

I really liked this story at the start. I found it to be fun and engaging. It's around the point where Daiki gets revenge on the human kingdom. After that point, the plot seemed to fall apart. Daiki didn't really have any noticeable growth, and in my opinion it got boring.

Also, the grammar got pretty bad as things went on.

The Godking's Legacy

I feel dirty reading this, but it's a fine story

I hate but also enjoy this story at the same time. On one hand, it's fun at times and there are some characters that I like, as well as some plotlines that have true potential. On the other hand, the main character is horrible, and while sometimes it can be funny it usually leaves me with a foul taste in my mouth and feelling dirty. I wish the author gave her at least some redeeming qualities, but unfortunately she is a liar, bandit, murderer, and sadist. However, I can live with that. What really bugs me is her continued denial that she is a good person. It's infuriating and I now hate the main character, which makes it hard to like the story. The only reason the character score isn't half a star is because I like some of the other characters, but again they are overshadowed by Lucia. It isn't fun to read about the adventures of a monumental idiot for several hundred pages. It may be a fun joke at the beginning, but there has been no character growth and it's tiresome.


Short version: Has some great potential at times, but it's totally destroyed by the main character's continued insistence that she is a good person despite the senseless horrible things she does, and it's hard to like a story when you hate the main character. She is literally my least favorite main character from any story I've ever read.


P.S. This is my personal opinion. Other people seem to like it. If you read Demon's Journey and liked it then you'll like this book as well.

Dungeon Heart

This story is an interesting addition to the dungeon genre. Although it is a bit slow at times, that is just because of the detail that is put into the worldbuilding, and despite that it seems to be plodding along at a slow but steady pace. My main critique is that the main characters aren't expanded upon very much. We get some core characteristics,(Smit=prideful in his work and a perfectionist, Echo=insecure/worship Smit, Pala=driven/worship Smit, etc.) but beyond that there isn't much development. Still, I highly enjoy this story and the characters are more than good enough to keep the story engaging. Thanks for the story!

P.S. The steady release schedule adds to the respect I have for this author.

P.P.S. Never mind. That's untrue. Still a good read though.

The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons

I love this story and the characters primarily for how funny they are, the plot is still engaging and makes sense. Although one could argue that the plot gets unrealistic at times, I think that's what makes this such a unique story, and the things that happen usually have a logical explination. However, some of the things the characters do bug me a lot at times, and I think the second book lost the sembelence of a direction the first story had.

The Light Knight

Unoriginal premise, horrible follow-through

First of all, I think it's a fine idea for the most part. I like the system of different magic types, and reincarnation, although pretty unoriginal, is fun if it's done well. However, the main character is exteremely oblivious to things that should be rudimentary for someone who has lived in this world for several years. And the world itself has some flaws, the most noticeable being the money system. There is no concept of value, for example the main character saying that he has made a ton of money from going into the dungeon, then providing no good reason why more people don't do this, and then also pricing goods way too highly for the amount he made to be "a lot". There are other examples, but I'm tired and jet-lagged right now, so I'll leave it at that.

Kinda side note, the author does a lot of telling instead of showing. The departure from his family as well of a lot of the fighting is glossed over within a sentence or two, depriving the reader of a lot of character development and worldbuilding. The characters have no depth or struggle. Ethan, the main character, gets stabbed through the chest in an assasination attempt and it's glossed over in a couple paragraphs, taking away any sort of tension from the story.


Short Version: Interesting premise, but there are a few easily fixable errors that make no sense as well as a lot of telling instead of showing, which destroys any tension and character development.


Edit: I finished the book. My comments are unchanged, and the flaws were only made worse as the story progressed. The main character is literally the most powerful person in the world, yet there is no recognition or impact to that fact.

The Void Wolf

One of the better OP character stories

A lot of stories with an OP character get super boring and repetitive, but this one has managed to avoid that (so far). It has an interesting world and an enjoyable plot. I also like the diverse abilities of the characters. They add an air of mystery to the story that is fun to read. My main complaint is there isn't a ton of character development. The main character hasn't really changed since the first few chapters. This might be a part of his personality, which is fine, but I would personally like to see some growth. It's more fun to read about a character with passion and emotions. However, still a great read.

Edit: The characters have developed more now, and I'm looking forward to where this is going. It's always fun when you can actually see how an author grows within their writing style.


I don't like this story as everyone else does and I don't think it deserves to be in the top spot, but despite that I thought it was a fun read. The plot and characters, while slightly simple at points, is easy to get interested in. The system of RPG has its own unique flair, which is cool to see, and I think it's a good setup to future books. Despite this, I think that it could give more character development beyond a select few and there always seems to be some magical new way to escape from whatever situation they find themselves in.

Forgotten Conqueror

How dare you make one of the best stories I've read and then tear it away from me. Even though you may have dropped this, I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story. I'm still keeping hope that you will one day return to this.

The Great Tower

This is one of my favorite stories on this site. The characters all have depth and development, and while the story is slightly basic in the main character's goal of getting stronger and climbing The Great Tower, there have been plenty of deviations from stories that have come before it to keep me interested and engaged throughout the story. The hints to a larger game at play have been tantalizing, and I can't wait until the reveal happens.

Note about hiatus: I PM'd the author and asked if he was going to come back to this story. After the first arc of The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound is finished, he plans to come back and re-write this story, so keep hope!