Entertaining, but simple

I like the story so far (as of the first dozen chapters), but the characters aren't that layered and their reactions seem to fit easily noticable patterns. Don't get me wrong, I like reincarnation stories, but a lot usually don't have a ton of originality, and this one is no exception.

The Daily Grind

I enjoy the story for the most part, but it moves extremely slow. At the beginning it was fun to see new enemies and what small skills they got, but it's still just more of the same. Now, over 700 pages later, they still have trouble with most enemies, and we've barely seen any magical powers for the main characters, which is one of my favorite parts of most stories. That being said, I still think the story has promise, but just move it along quicker.

Short Version: Really cool inital concept, but there has been very little development throughout 700 pages.

Dante's Immortality

Like Randidly Ghosthound but Different

This story reminds me of The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound in both the release schedule as well as story pacing. First of all, I love the very frequent releases. They keep me engaged in the story and it shows that you care a lot about this. The pacing is very good as well, you are advancing Dante's skills very fast, but in a reasonable way. I have found the story to be original, facinating, and with a lot of potential. The world is interesting, and there are a ton of directions this story could take. My only possible complaint is that the characters, while interesting, seem to fall into steryotypes such as scared and respectful commoner, pompous noble, or bumbling commoner turned noble in the case of the main character. However, this isn't that big of a deal because a lot of stories start out this way, and I can already see the characters starting to develop their own personalities and unique quirks. Thanks and keep it up!

Edit: Please don't drop this.


Has potential, but needs a lot of work

Style: The style could use a lot of work. The author often glosses over large portions of time with a sentence, and while this is fine to advance the story concerning the main characters, things should be going on world wide during that time. The diolouge could also use some major work. Pretty much any conversation not between the two main characters and even some between them are extremely cheesy. Surprise and tension is created and blown out of proportion in a short time and then resolved a sentence later. It's annoying.

Story: Quite an original idea for the most part. Sure, LitRPG has some common threads, but I like the twist of tatoos and I'm interested to see where it goes. It isn't too predictable, at least so far.

Grammar: Very good grammar, but there are times where the author uses exclaimation points excessively and/or with question marks which is bothersome.

Character: There isn't a lot of character development outside of the main characters, and the main characters could use some work. They both fall into some classic roles, Ace being a musclehead who has a girlfriend he wants to protect by getting stronger while also saving everyone he can (and constantly agonizing about those he can't save), and Vincet a smarter person who becomes addicted to the rush of battle and is also developing some psycopath tendencies. Even though they fall into that, the author doesn't execute it very well in my opinion. Generally the author shows why they developed those traits, but in this story it's just said as a fact and no explaination is given.

Plot Holes: There are a few things that don't make sense to me that the author doesn't explain. There are several, but here are the main ones:

1. There is no reason for why Ace and Vincet should be the most powerful people. Sure, they worked hard, but at the end of the day they're just students. There should be military and other people out there who have the means to go way further than they did.

2. What happens during the time skips. There are a ton of time skips throughout the story, and while there is a small explaination for what happens to the main characters during them, the author seems to assume the rest of the world stands still.

3. Why they don't get a ton of cheaper, smaller abilities. The author says some abilities are incompatible, but they have several million points and there are an abundance of powers they could buy that would probably fit in just fine. It would give them a lot of power at relatively little cost.


Overall: It's a great premise, but some work could be put into making sure the story flows well, makes sense, and doesn't get too cheesy. I probably should have given it a bit lower rating, but despite the many mistakes, it's an entertaining story. 


Edit: While it still isn't perfect, the author is improving a lot as the story goes on. It's cool to see.

Sole Survivor

There really isn't much to say here. It's a LitRPG that has some unique twists, but although it's an original concept it just doesn't do much for me. The main characters really don't inspire the reader to get invested or anything. That, coupled with very long breaks between chapters, makes this a very hard story to retain interest in. That being said, it's still a fine story, just boring at a lot of parts.

Cursed Era

I think this is a pretty interesting premise. Sure, it has some pretty typical themes of reincarnation, but I still find these sort of stories enjoyable. It's intriguing how he only remembers part of his memories, as well as the fact that something happened to change the magic system from the past to present.

However, it's been 50 chapters and nearly 500 pages and the main character is still a child. The plot development is moving at an extremely slow pace, getting bogged down by needless character tidbits and quite frankly boring worldbuilding. It's not enjoyable to read about a character who is a literal child that doesn't get any respect. I think most reincarnation stories have this, and I think it's an important phase in the story, but it goes on for too long. What makes them fun to read is seeing the character earn respect and grow up, but that doesn't happen here.


Short Version: Interesting premise, but what makes reincarnation stories fun is seeing the main character grow up, refine their skills, and earn respect from their peers and adults. In this story, the main character still gets no respect and hasn't even hit their teen years yet.

The Good Student

Going to do a short review, but this is a great story.

I got hooked straight from the start due to the easy-to-root-for main character that is Nic Tutt, and although the plot has evolved and changed dramatically since the beginning, that isn't necessarily a bad thing and I quite enjoy each weekly chapter.

Edit: The first arc is finished. I still enjoy the story, but I think the plot got very stretched at the end.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why this works. The main character is a horrible person/monster, the good characters you can root for die, and carfully laid plans and storylines can fall apart at a moments notice despite all the buildup.

I love it.

This story is extremely enjoyable, and I find it fun to read about the adventures of Boxxy T. Morningwood, despite its horrible nature. I love the world the author has created, and I find each new addition to it to be highly engaging and interesting. Love the story, and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

P.S. The lower character score is because some of them have little development, but that doesn't apply to all of them, and even those who are shallow are still fun to read about.

The Dungeon Pact

I think the idea put out here is absolutely fascinating and the setup for the story is masterfully done. I was entralled from the very first chapter. Unfortunately, while the rest of the story is still enjoyable, it loses momentum and slows down quite a bit. The character development and plot movement is slow, and while that can work in some cases, the author doesn't release chapters fast enough to keep the reader's interest. It's still a fun story, but it could be better. I still look forward to new chapters. Thanks for writing!


Short Version: One of the most interesting starts, but doesn't keep the momentum going later in the story.

Growing Strong

This is pretty good so far, I like the story and characters. There's a lot of potential growth, and I'm looking forward to where this goes.