First let me say that I found this to be one of the most intersting concepts that I've found on this site. An advanced civilization using technology to make the lower class view them as gods is coming to attack humanity? Absolutely amazing.

However, what I fear is that the story moves relatively slowly per chapter. This, combined with infrequent updates, means that not only is it possible to be a bit lost whenever there is an update, but also that the story may move at such a slow pace as to lose the interest of readers. It's an amazing setup, but it seems like it will take a long time to come to fruition.

Far Strider

Beginning: I love Game of Thrones, and while I did take a star off of the story category for originality's sake, I love the unique twist you've put on the story. I'm only on chapter 16, but I'm having a really fun time reading this. It's really amazing.


Later: In the later chapters, there is way to much OP-ness. Most of the fun I had with this story came from the fact that Odds was able to use cleverness to get himeslf out of tricky situations. Now it's just his magic powers. There isn't any tension in the sotry because there is literally nothing Odds can't do now. I still very much enjoyed the first twenty or thirty chapters though.

Devil Cultivator in an Ability User World

Style: The author has far too much of an overreliance on telling rather than showing. It prevents the reader from getting involved in the story.

Story: Alright story, but very little background for the character, and not too much tension later in the story.

Grammar: There are a lot of very small errors that bug me. Commas vs periods, incorrect sentence structure, etc.

Character: This ties into the style, but there is too much telling rather than showing. The author tells me a character's personality, but it's more fun if a reader can discover it for themselves.

Overall: It's not terrible, but not really that good either. Simple plot and simple writing make it hard to get invested or care about the characters.

The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

I read the entire first book and although it's an interesting concept, I feel like it fell flat for me. The magic system is quite frankly boring, and the main character is kind of an idiot. Obviously a lot of people like it, but it really just isn't for me.

The Arcane Emperor

Let me start off by staying that I liked this story. It had an interesting plot, and it was actually the first novel I read on this site. Now, having said that, let's get into the specific aspects of this story.

Style: The author is pretty good in a lot of ways here for the most part. I will say that occasionally the author will go a bit too in depth and expect the reader to remember everything that was written, but I can look past that. However, my main problem is that Rainer constantly has a solution to every problem he faces. This makes it very difficult to get invested in the characters, because Rainer has never, not once throughout several thousand pages, failed in a major task or in a meaningful way. There isn't any suspense.

Story: The story is fun, even if there isn't necessarily a central plot. It is mainly a slice of life with a few eventual goals that the main character slowly works towards. However, the slow pacing and roundabout way of moving the plot forward makes it a bit tiresome at certain points. For instance, there have been entire chapters dedicated to what Rainer does during Sleep Learning times, which is actually more interesting than it sounds, but does little to push the story along.

Grammar: Not much to say here. Very good grammar, and I only give it a low score if it becomes unreadable. In this case though, I haven't noticed any errors, or if I have they've been few and far between.

Character: The characters in this story are fine, but they oftentimes have predictable reactions and character development often gets put to the side in favor of explaining a new skill or something. Since they have first been introduced, the main characters have had very little development or evolution. Rainer is still a clever person who always has the answer, Luna is the clingy fairy who doesn't help a lot but provides some entertainment, and Kara, the more independent girlfriend who still relies a lot on Rainer to make items to push her forward and also manages to argue with Rainer over a lot. And Gunthar doesn't really have a purpose besides being the tank and another male to react to the females. However, they are still fun to read about most of the time.


Edit: After coming back from hiatus, the author is much improved. The plot is moving along at a faster pace, Rainer is gaining strength, and there is finally someting resembling an end goal. Great to have you back! 

Awaken Online

So I read this series off of Amazon, but this is the series that originally got me interested in the LitRPG genre, and ultimitely what led me to this website. Thanks for writing!

Life Reset

It's been a while since I've read this, so I may forget a few details, but I remember that the premise and execution of this story was consistently entertaining, although it did drag on a bit due to infrequent releases and a lack of plot development.

The New World

I really enjoy this story. It has a fast paced and engaging plot as well as characters whose journeys are fun to experience. The first arc is about wrapped up, and the hints the author has given for the future are reminiscent of The Gam3 in scope. I'm very excited to see where this goes.

The Breath of Creation [DROPPED]

The story has now been dropped, and the author seems pretty sure that they won't continue this later. However, it still is a fun read. There are several self contained plots and story arcs that can be read as their own story, so even though it won't be continued, I still enjoyed this.

The Whisper of the Nightingale

I really like how the world, the characters, and the plot have all developed together to create a really immersive reading experience. I quite enjoy how the story had progressed thus far, and I'm sad that the chapters are now getting released very slowly on your own personal website. Still, thank you for writing!