The Perfect Run

Enjoyable Start, Intriguing Concept

I am only two chapters in so far, but it has already caught my eye. Stories with a quicksave mechanic are difficult to do correctly. Oftentimes they just devolve into nonsensical adventures with no actual plot, but so far this one has checked all the boxes.

-The main character recognizes the absurdity of his life and is as carefree as you would expect, pretty much treating everything like a videogame (referring to smaller tasks as "side quests" and such, although so far there are no actual game mechanics which I'm fine with). However, there are already the beginnings of a larger plot brewing, so my hope is that he does not get too caught up in his side adventures.

-The world seems to be kind of cyberpunk but with superpowers, which is pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. Cyberpunk isn't exactly original, but there can be some pretty great stories set in it. Also, the author doesn't seem like he's going to take a completely traditional approach in regards to the genre.

-And of course, the MC's style is just impeccable. Just look at the cover.

We'll see how it goes, but I'm optimisic. Void Herald has proven he can write stories with a good balance of humor and seriousness before. Those skills will definitely come in handy for a concept like this. If this story is anything like his others them it will be an enjoyable time.

Savage Divinity

I'm leaving my old review at the bottom for the story this once was.

The problem is that Ruff is a fantastic writer. The world he's built and the characters in it are compelling, and for quite a long time this was arguably my favorite story on RoyalRoad. I was even a patreon of his, and that was before he started offering advanced chapters as an incentive. Disaster struck about 16 months ago. !!!SPOILER WARNING!!! for what comes next.

The main character, Rain, becomes crippled. The entirety of the first 400 chapters was absolutely shattered after this point because pretty much none of it mattered. Now, if the crippling was temporary I would be fine with it. However, it has been 16 months - almost two hundred chapters - and Rain has still not recovered.

I actually stopped reading the story seven months ago because it was simply too much repitition of the same internal monologues over and over again. I decided to come back when Rain was recovered so that I could have something to look forward to while I powered through what I missed. After coming back to see that nothing has changed, I'm legitimitely wondering if I will ever actually be able to pick up this story again. Even if the writing returns to the quality it was before, I don't know if I'll be able to read through hundreds of stagnant chapters.

It's truly sad because I loved this story. I'll probably check back in another year or so to see if anything has changed, but I'm not optimistic.



OLD REVIEW: This story has characters that make you care what happens to them on both the "good" and "bad" sides. This in itself is outstanding, seeing as how I have very rarely seen this idea executed as well as it was in this story. The worldbuilding is expansive and while not all parts are unique, the author takes several established themes and adds their own twist to it. I love the overall plot, and the best thing is that it isn't too predictable. There are very often new things discovered that change views that the readers have, and I honestly have almost no idea how this story will end. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

P.S. Steady release times only amplify the amazingness of this story.

RE: Trailer Trash

This is a shorter review, but the short of it is this is a great story. I like the characters, and it's a very engaging plot so far. A couple strange things that I don't totally get, like what her parents do and why she can't remember what year 9/11 happened, but overall I like it a lot.

However, it still is in the early phase where the character is experiencing rapid growth. Those are enjoyable the majority of the time no matter what, so it remains to be seen if this one can keep the momentum going.

Edit: It has. Good work.

Infinite Wishes

It's a fun story to read. Not too serious yet, just an OP character story. While it is a bit simple in character development so far, and there are a few cases where "your" was used when it should've been "you're", I still enjoyed what I've read so far. Don't go into the story expecting a deep and thought provoking plotline, just go in there to have some easy reading. Keep it up, and thanks for writing!

The Secret Cow Level

Wow. Crazy how influental the cows have become in recent years. Having their own secret level and everything. Truly impressive.

I'm tired.


I'm emotionally devestated

I can't believe that this story is so relatively short and has almost no background information, yet still was able to absolutely destroy me. This was truly an amazing story.

Style:This is probably the best done style out of any story I've read here. It's amazing how the author drops the reader into a story after it already happened yet still manages to make the reader feel involved and gradually provides information. There's a subtle shift throughout the story as more and more is revealed, and I thought it worked outstandingly.

Story: I was skeptical when I saw this was an epilogue to a story that never actually existed, but I found the overall story to be fascinating. Just enough from the past is revealed to provide some context, but the present storyline is still given enough weight to make the reader feel engaged.

Grammar: There were a couple things in the earlier chapters, but nothing too noticable.

Character: For knowing nothing about their past, I found myself getting really involved with each of the characters. They each have their own unique personalities, and it's clear that what they're doing and what they've done weighs heavily on them. It was surpising to say the least.


In short: I was immediately enthralled with the world and characters. The story progressed subtlely and beautifuly. I'm sad this ended. It's one of my favorites. Thank you for writing it.

The Gam3

This is a great story. I love the world the author has built, and despite the fact that the author is one of the most inconsistent posters of all time, I've stuck with this story for years.

The main complaint I've heard (besides the hiatus) is the main character is oblivious to some things. I agree in part to this, but I think he's gotten better, and I still like him and find the story to be fascinating.

EDIT: Wow. Wild ride. Still processing.

Metaworld Chronicles

It's an interesting concept in theory. I generally like it when our current world meets fantasy aspects. In this case, I just couldn't really get into it. The main character doesn't seem to be all that unique or engaging to read about, and it has the vibes of deus ex machina and overly dramatic events within the first few chapters.

Overall, not a bad read, but I wasn't too impressed either.


While I wouldn't say that it's a huge groundbreaker in the litRPG genre, I found the story to be engaging and fun throughout the telling. I am quite sad that the author dropped it, but I agree that it was a good idea in the end. The stats and numbers did get confusing at times, and I look forward to the possible rewrite.

Once Upon a Box

I was hooked as soon as I heard "Ivran Tol-Saroth". I really hoped that the author would go more in depth about his character, and I was disappointed to learn in the Q&A that Exterminatus was not planning to cover much more of him in ELLC. Of course, being the trickster that he is, I never considered the fact that he could do a different story.

Now that we're a couple chapters in, I feel justified in making an advanced review. I've found the characters to be engaging and interesting, but more than that there are a couple hints of an actual plot. I'm quite excited to get more of a backstory for Tol-Saroth, and it's interesting to see Xera before meeting Boxxy. Looking forward to future chapters!