558 pages

Dear Inspector,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from being the Chosen One.

Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want but I had to try it. I figured it might be within my rights to resign, though of course you still haven't shown me the job description. Anyway, my reasons for resigning are simple: I'm neither a gamer nor a hero. I think you got the wrong person for the job.

Sure, the pay is decent. I could pretty much live like a king if I had the time for it. But my main concerns are about the constant health hazards and the demonic dagger bound to my soul. I didn't ask to be transported to this fantasy land either, so I'd like you to return me home, thank you very much. I don't want supernatural powers, I don't want any of these quests, and I don't want to be a test subject for you to puppet around. A hefty paycheck doesn't really compensate for going insane and dying a violent death, you know?

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope that you will find a better replacement.

Randel, the Mad Painter

What to expect from Synergy:

--> Some GameLit elements are presented a bit subversively. If you want the protagonist to “play the game” properly, this might not be the story for you.
--> No filler chapters; the story's structure is already plotted out. It's going to have six story arcs.
--> Character development happens slowly, over many chapters.
--> Some romance, but it will never be the main focus.
--> Humor and dark elements in equal measure, but not to the extent that I’d label this story as “Comedy” or “Grimdark”.

... and lots and lots of "Author's Notes". See you on the other side of the portal!

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Shades of the Moon

Shades of the Moon
288 pages

I'm rewriting this story!

I have taken down Arc 2 and Arc 3 already to avoid spoiling my new novel. The only reason I'm keeping the first 10 chapters is nostalgia; the writing is awkward and the story is not plotted out properly, but it's here if anyone wants to compare it to the new one.

If you'd like to read a more professionally written version of this story, I highly suggest checking out my Synergy.

Synopsis version too-many-to-count:

“I see,” Kiona said. “But . . . you’re changing once again, aren’t you?”

The entity considered her question, lifting a clawed hand towards the night sky. They observed the back of their hand idly, watching the glowing orange veins pulse alongside their pitch-black exoskeleton. The wind picked up right then, and Kiona shivered—just as much from the cold as from the savage grin on the creature's face.

“That’s right,” the entity said, clenching their hand slowly into a fist. They let out a quiet laugh, staring defiantly at the Moon as it rose from behind the clouds. “We are shades, yet not exactly. Not like the others. Here, in this world, we've become something more. We are the Shades of the Moon.”

There was a heartbeat of silence, during which Kiona joined the entity in their skygazing. The light-green Moon loomed over the city, shining like the entity's eyes. It promised otherworldly knowledge and terrible secrets. It promised progress. It promised change. In that moment, Kiona couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful.

“Shades of the Moon, huh?” she said, smiling a bit. It had a nice ring to it.

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Gloomhaven: Glorious Gatherers

Gloomhaven: Glorious Gatherers
16 pages

Gloomhaven is a tabletop RPG with dungeon-crawling and character-building aspects. It has a fairly unique combat system and a campaign mode with non-linear storyline. Be warned that reading this fiction will contain spoilers about Gloomhaven's story. Although I labeled this novel as a "fanfiction", you don't need to know the original material to enjoy the story.

To be honest, this project is somewhat of an experiment for me; even I have no idea where the story is heading, as this is my first playthrough of the game. I'll be rounding out the plot as I go, using the game as a framework but expanding on it to make it more fitting for a novel. I can't claim that everything will go well, but hey—I have high hopes and big dreams.

Hopefully you'll enjoy reading the story just as much as I enjoy playing the game.

"People gather lots of things; there's much that they adore.
Money comes to mind first, but there's also much-much more.
Some people gather experience, or more precisely, levels.
Others collect memories—places seen on their travels.
Some gather reputation, and political power,
For others, it's ancient artifacts what they desire.

Whichever their goal, if they hear the call,
The Glorious Gatherers will collect it all!"

— the unofficial hymn of the Glorious Gatherers,
written by Craig and vetoed by Vera

Game from Isaac Childres
Art from Axelandr Elichev

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Titans of Time

Titans of Time
157 pages

Shoes, slave of Miranda Alexia Dawngrove, finds a secret passage beneath his Mistress's mansion. However, it leads nowhere. Not willing to believe that his discovery bore no fruit, Shoes uses whatever free time he has to chip away at the brick walls. He spends the week hoping that the tunnel is actually leading somewhere.

Shoes, slave of Miranda Alexia Dawngrove, finds a secret passage beneath his Mistress's mansion. It leads nowhere. However, Shoes discovers that the wall is damaged at one section. Someone was obviously trying to dig their way somewhere. Hoping he would find a way to escape, Shoes continues chipping away at the wall.

Shoes, slave of Miranda Alexia Dawngrove, finds a secret passage beneath his Mistress's mansion. There is a hole at the end of the corridor, which leads to a dark chamber. Brick walls, low ceiling, the room's only feature is a stone altar in the middle. It's not the escape route Shoes hoped for, but he is happy with his discovery nevertheless. The room could be a perfect hideout.

Shoes, slave of Miranda Alexia Dawngrove, finds a secret chamber beneath his Mistress's mansion. At first glance it seems to be empty, but he notices a straw mattress in one corner. There is a slave uniform on the makeshift bed. As he picks up the clothes, a small wooden figurine falls to the ground. Rough shape, amateurish carving; it's the exact copy of the statuette Shoes has in his pocket.

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34 pages

Connor is a trainer at Grimpark Space Station, teaching human experiments how to fight. His private life is a mess; although he seeks love, he's unable to find any. His solution may lie within arm’s reach, but for that he needs a change of heart first.

heartful (noun): As much as the heart can hold or contain; as much as a person wants or can endure.

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92 pages

Welcome to the world of Fantasiaia, a world full of magic, epic monsters, heroic battles and more! It's the new, cutting edge VRMMORPG world what everyone has dreamed about!

And now welcome Markus Fickus, your average young man in our average and boring world! He was just an ordinary man, until one day, something changed his whole life. As he ate his breakfast on that fateful morning, little did he know that he would choke on his coffee and die—just to be reincarnated in the world of Fantasiaia!

"Wait, what?" Mark said, looking up from his bowl of cereal. He didn't follow the script properly, and forgot to prepare his coffee.

"I thought Fantasiaia was a VRMMO," Mark muttered as he made his way to his coffee machine. "How can someone reincarnate into a game?"

Of course, what Mark didn't know was that logic and reason didn't matter. It was magic! Besides, everyone loves virtual reality stories and reincarnation novels. So why not have both?

Mark shook his head sadly, but prepared his coffee in silence. When he finished, he looked up at the sky—and saw only the dull white ceiling of his apartment. He felt utterly cheated that the last thing he would see in this world was the peeling paint on the wall.

"They are not paying me enough for this," Mark grumbled, then drank up his coffee.

And then he died.

PS: I found the cover picture on THE INTERNET. By no means will I tell you the artist's name or give any credit to them, but I let you know that the image is not mine. Naturally, if the original artist asks me personally, I will remove the picture.

PS PS: New chapters come out every day! At least, until I run out of pre-written chapters. Each chapter will be between 500 and 200000 words long. (Probably closer to 500 than 200000, though.)

PS PS PS: Some authors try to find an appropriate cover image for their novel's title. I found an appropriate title for the cover image!

PS PS PS PS: Let the fun begin!

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