1. Re: "I want to be a writer" Vs "I want to be an author"

      Semantically, yes there is probably some distinction to be made. For the average person, no.

    2. Re: Share a Writing Premise

      Modern day office drama, but the other species of the genus homo didn’t die out. A story following a goblin messenger who has to send mail between nations of different species. A dungeon created (...)

    3. Re: A Concern Regarding Formatting

      Formatting in rr has always been a big pain to say it euphemistically, the toggle in the top right of the pictograms (right of quote and enlarge the field) should allow you to make more permanent changes. (...)

    4. Re: Read Later

      I never use it.

    5. Re: I'm not smart enough to write the stories I want to, and it tears at me

      Like a now disgraced actor once said: “Just do it! Nothing is impossible.” I’ve been in your boat, at least somewhat, I had, and still have, the same motivation as you, but I’ll admit and say that (...)

    6. Re: Software/App for keeping track of story notes

      I’ve heard that an app called obsidian is supposed to do this, but for litrpg specifically I’d still recommend excel or librecalc.

    7. Re: Finding a story without remembering the title.

      If it’s been deleted then you probably won’t be able to find it, why not check your browser history. If that’s what you meant then you could instead check thr rr history, although as mentioned before if (...)

    8. Re: Is it a bad writing habit to include things like "he/she looked at him/her" during character conversations?

      Unless it has a real purpose I’d leave it out. It does have a real purpose. It shows emotion. If two people are having a conversation, and we know that these two people are looking at each other, (...)

    9. Re: Reconciling Two Story Settings Into One

      From what I got from your post you have two ideas.  One is about a world set in the story of Alice in Wonderland, but in the age in which we reside. For the second you have a foreign world in need (...)

    10. Re: Why do You Read LitRPG and/or Isekai?

      Keep in mind, as I write this, it's from the perspective of having only seen this sorta stuff in anime. I find them both a good deal different from standard fantasy since they have this sort of meta (...)

    11. Re: What introduced you to RR?

      According to "history" a book called fantasia which I read exactly one chapter of and never returned to.

    12. Re: Why do You Read LitRPG and/or Isekai?

      I don't consider the two any different from anything else fantasy so l suppose it's wish fulfillment and sometimes just mindless entertainment. Numbers going up, MC being badass yoopie!     -Me at (...)

    13. Re: What do you do with your surface level ideas.

      One liner characters or just conversation between I’m sitting here with a word file with a near endless amount of one and two liner ideas that I question whether I’ll actually ever develop. Do any (...)

    14. What do you do with your surface level ideas.

      I’m sitting here with a word file with a near endless amount of one and two liner ideas that I question whether I’ll actually ever develop. Do any of you also do this or do you just drop them when you (...)

    15. Re: Genre Dabbler or Genre Focuser?

      I have tried or am willing to try anything. Although I will always have my preference in pure fantasy.

    16. Re: Need help with title/protagonist name

      Shayn sounds a bit like the more familiar male name Shane (and looks a bit like 'Zayn'), so that's a main reason to be cautious about it with a female character. They all have a similar derivation, via (...)

    17. Re: Need help with title/protagonist name

      Jane seems a bit generic, while Shayn seems a bit edgy. I like Elaine, personally. Thanks, was put off a bit by the spelling of Shayn at first, but then I learned that it meant "god is gracious" (...)

    18. Need help with title/protagonist name

      Whenever I start a new project I always come up with the name first, but recently I’ve had some trouble with deciding a name so I need a second opinion for perspective. The plan is to call it Serial (...)

    19. Re: looking to get my story off to a better start (need to pull off a bunch of timeskips while keeping things (...)

      Prologue Prologue text Chapter 1: intriguing text Line 1: One month earlier Connecting plot points together in a neat manner will wholly depend on what type of characters you have, what you want (...)