Style 4/5: The only thing I've found to be difficult with this story is figuring out who's talk at certain times. It's not too hard to piece it together with context, but it could be easier.

Grammar 5/5: Very clean grammar. No complaints here.

Story 5/5: I'm about 25 chapters in and so far I love it. The frozen world the story takes place in is well thought out and feels like it could be a real place. I love the idea of a frozen penal colony where exiles and political dissidents are stashed. 

The most interesting aspect to me is the impending winter that will cripple the city, like Alaska when they have months of mostly night. It's a joy to learn all the different ways this event will affect the city, lawlessness for example.

Character 5/5: So far, every character feels real and interesting, each having their own goals and backstory. This story doesn't hold your hand either. You get a general idea of what someone's backstory could be but only receive crumbs here and there.

Overall 4.5/5: I really enjoy this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure stories relating to survival and down on their luck heroes. The Art in each chapter adds to the feel of the story in a great way.

Eldritch Night

This was a review swap that I ended up being happy to take. I don't read Lit-RPGs often, but I'm trying to change that.

Style: The author's style is by and large fine, however, sometimes when flashbacks are introduced, it can make things initially confusing. All in all, it's not that big of an issue. Everything typically flows easily as far as understanding mechanics and story.

Grammar: Not an issue. 

Story: There are some pacing issues in the first 5 chapters, but I have to say that when the story picks up after that, it flows much better and feels more natural. The author also has a good grip on the RPG system they're using, typically stat screens don't really mean anything to me, but in this, they give me insight on how far they need to progress to level up. It's always great to give the readers a goal that the character's working toward. 

Character: Finn doesn't seem fleshed out yet, but it's early as of yet. I feel confident, especially through flashbacks, that there'll be more characterization moving forward. 

Overall: With Lovecraftian themes, aliens, and alternate Charleston setting, this is a unique story that continues to interest me. If you're looking for a unique take on the genre, as far as RRL is concerned, give this a try. I think you'll like it. 

Half a God

This started out as a review swap and turned into a binge reading session.

Style: The author writes with a style that doesn't always flow smoothly for me. By that, I mean that there were times I found myself re-reading paragraphs every so often thinking I had overlooked some information, only to find the information in the next paragraph. As long as you read the story slowly and carefully, you'll get exactly what the is saying.

On a side note, it was hard for me to keep names straight because I'm not used to the type used in the story. That's really more on me than anything.

Grammar: Impeccable.

Story: If you asked me to describe where this story is going, I would honestly have no idea, but I'm really enjoying the ride. The author does a great job of starting small and expanding the world chapter by chapter rather than dumping overloading the reader in the beginning.

There are some details that I would like to know, as mentioned at the end of LECOMPTE's review, but given some of the themes, it makes me think of a Paris/London-like city in the late 1500s-ish, which seems to fit with how I visualize the story.

With a murderer thrown into the mix, the story seems to really be heating up in its 9th chapter which is really interesting me. I'm finding this hard to put down. 

Character: The author does a good job of fleshing out some initial characters and establishing how they relate to the main character. One thing that made me pause was that between the MC's discovery of his power and 1.08, he seems to grasp what he can and cannot do very quickly, without much testing. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just seemed like sudden progress.

Overall: This is a really well-written story that interested me early on and is only deepening that interest as it goes on. I'm very curious to see how it progresses and am eagerly awaiting the new chapter. Give me more, because I need a fix.

The Elder of Mediocrity

Although I am barely familiar with Wuxia as a genre, the mechanics are not overly complicated and pretty easy to understand, like the plot so far. As of chapter 10, these are my thoughts.

Style: The author does a great job of including humor and doesn't take the story too seriously, which plays to its strength early on. A lot of things made me laugh or smile as I read on.

There are a couple style choices that also were slightly jarring to me. The first being that a lot of the time, when there is dialogue, it can be unclear who is saying what. Largely, context clues let me know when I re-read dialogue.

The other is the swearing with non-curse words. This isn't really a problem, I just found it a little jarring at first then got used to it.

Grammar: The grammar is pretty much fine.

Story: The story starts out with good scenes that display what kind of man Da Shan is. I was a little confused about the setting and time period because there's a good mix of East and West (Da Shan's kimono v McCarthy's pinstripe suit) while also mixing new and old ideas. Very powerful cultivators are likened to walking nukes and flintlock pistols have just been invented. It plays like an alternate reality where locations may be real but history and culture are unique to the story.

Character: In my opinion, the main character is likable as hell. He's defined by his actions in early chapters (which the author does well) and you get a good sense of why he feels jaded. My favorite thing about him is his pragmatism. He may not be the strongest cultivator, but he knows how to not die. 

Overall: The story is fun and pretty light in the beginning that slowly gains depth and seriousness as it progresses. I plan on following this story until it ends because as of chapter 9, I am hooked. I would recommend this story.

Zeroth Knight

Style: I give this a 3.5 out of 5 because of stylistic choices the author made that either didn't seem to flow well or were jarring. (Keep in mind this is only my opinion) The main gripe I have with this category is the use of multiple speakers within the same paragraph. Although you can figure out who's talking by the context of the sentences, I found myself re-reading a lot of dialogue. 

Grammar: 4/5- Nothing major, few things here and there. Nothing a quick edit wouldn't take care of. The author's choice of words is pretty solid. I'll admit to looking a few up on Google, so...fair enough.

Story: 3.5/5- The author is pretty upfront about this being an Isekai story with a lesbian cast. I think that's a good thing because it gives you an idea of what's coming before you hop in. So far I have read up to chapter 9 and it's pretty decent. There seem to be what may be a few continuity issues or instances where I wasn't able to pick up on hints dropped in earlier chapters, so some things seemed to come out of nowhere. 

What I would have liked a little sooner would be a little more world building because 12 chapters in, you don't really know anything about the new world. That being said, I'm not too familiar with Isekai stories, so that might not be a detriment. That being said, the first 12 chapters take place in (in the new world) in the same 2 locations- barring a flashback. 

Character: 4/5- This is where the author shines. Thus far, they've done a good job of establishing the main character and a slew of side characters that I would imagine play a larger role moving forward. There's a lot of sexual tension that seems (for the most part) built up in an organic one's making advances for no reason.

Overall: 4/5- In the end, I am pretty interested in this story. It's still early on, but I'd say the author is off to a good start. I'm excited to keep on reading and see where this leads us.  ozefen, keep writing.

The Digidream Chronicles

A Great Start to a Fantastic Story

I'd be hard-pressed to say I found anything wrong with this story. Right from the beginning it lays out the basic parts of the game and adds a good amount of suspense and intrigue in the first 8 chapters (all that are out at this time).

Style: The author's style is very easy to read and understand. From what I've read so far, ChipMunster has a great understanding of how to construct a LitRPG story in a fun way that doesn't bog you down with stats that by and large don't mean anything. So far, everything counts and has significance.

Grammar: I found maybe 1 error.

Story: compelling and hard to put down. The story really hits the ground running. In chapter 1, the story starts off pretty benign but quickly escalates into a mystery that establishes the stakes pretty quickly. I've favorited this story for a reason, it's really good. 

Character: The character is very sympathetic and her motivations are simple (in a good way) and well established. 

Overall: I really enjoy this story and would highly recommend it. It's been a blast to read thus far, and I sincerely can't wait for the next chapter. 

Prince of Destiny

An original take on a familiar story

Having read to "Dare to Dream," I have to say that I like this story so far. 

Style 3.5/5: The dialogue isn't my favorite, but it also doesn't bother me. Some lines from Karl sound like they’re coming from an older boy and then others hit the head on the nail. The author makes good use of cliffhangers, more so in later chapters. 

Grammar 4/5: Nothing stuck out to me as being too bad. There are a couple sentences here and there that might be better if they were restructured but nothing major that I could see. It was actually quite easy to read. 

Story 4/5: As far as the pacing is concerned, chapter one starts with a bang and the next two-three chapters are more slice of life/watching the main character grow and bond with his adoptive immortal mother. I really got into the story because I recognize the influences from history. I would like to know more about the fictional royal family, but I understand the story’s not about them. It seems like the plot is gaining momentum and the stakes are getting higher now.

Character 3.5/5: I believe the author portrays good character motivation, especially for the maternal relationship between Lee and Karl. That being said, I was hoping for a bit more character development. I know it’s early but we do see Karl age and even though he’s ten years older, he acts very similar to when the story starts. 

Overall 4/5: In summary, this story has been a nice read. It’s an original tale with real world inspirations that work to good effect as the story moves on. It’s refreshingly different than what I’ve found lately on RRL and makes me want to continue reading.

Duality of a Soul

I've only been able to read the 7 chapters that have been posted so far but it seems that this story is off to a pretty good start. It starts out cryptically with the main character waking, up with no memory, into a world that he may or may not be familiar with.

Style: As far as style goes, the prose seems fine and it isn't very hard to follow. The author's voice is consistent and sarcastic, which can be humorous at times. It's strength so far is its consistency.

Grammar: I get the sense that English might not be the author's first language, so I'm not worrying about that as much. The gramatical errors I've found so far are small and mostly concerning pluralization of singular words, so the idea is still conveyed just fine.

Story: The story is inherently interesting because you're dropped in a world with few answers and the pace picks up rather quickly. The flashbacks are what interests me the most so far because they provide a little more insight into who Shin is and what seems to have happened to him in the past.

Character: The main character has extreme ractions to things that are happening, which put me off a little at first because it makes him seem like a dick, but remembering he woke up in the middle of a forest and doesn't even know who he is or what's going on, it can't really be held against him. 

Overall, this is an interesting start to a new story, and I look forward to its continuation.


This Story Makes Me Feel Something

I've just finished ten chapters and wow. The greatest strength of this author is their ability to create vivid pictures out of words. Descriptive sentences allow you to be in the setting like you're actually there. I can still remember what Alyssa's living room looks like, while I can't recall what I had for lunch yesterday.

The grammar story is impeccable. 

The dialogue makes sense. There's nothing that's said that makes me wonder where it came from. I like that the lense of the story is through the main character's thoughts, because a lot of what she goes through remains unsaid. 

The main character is dealing with a lot, and her reactions are not always the best, as one would expect from an 18 year old dealing with heavy issues. There's something very relatable in that.

So far, there have been no chapters that felt like filler to me or that I thought should be cut. That is super promising and makes me want to savor the chapters as I read them.

That being said, it's an incredibly sad story for most of those chapters so far. Holy crap, is it sad. The thing is though, this story is making me feel a specific emotion and that says a lot. I can't remember the last story that effected me emotionally. 

Overall, two thumbs up. I am very interested in seeing where this goes and will be bookmarking the hell out of this.

Also if you want to enhance the emotion while you read, and probably break down and cry, listen to this while you go through chapters. 


An Original and Compelling Story

Review up to chapter 11:

This story grabbed me from chapter 1 because it's vastly different from what I'm used to finding on RRL. The author writes with confidence, has excellent grammar, and what seems to be a deep understanding of science related things, for lack of a better word.

Style: Easy to follow, consisten, and infused with enjoyable humor.

Grammar: Not a problem at all. 

Story: It's been very compelling so far and the author does a very good job of having an adult brain in a child's body and is able to show the limitations of how information can be expressed from a child to an adult, which was very cool. 

Character: Sometimes I don't have a clear understanding of who's speaking, but from context, I haven't had too much of a problem putting it together.

Locations and characters aren't typically physically described, which would be one of my only cons for this story. I'm not sure what the kingdom's culture is and I mix up the character's names in my head frequently, but I think that's just because I'm not used to reading names of that sort.

Overall: I really dig this story and it's one of the few stories I want to binge when I log on. Two thumbs up, and I'm eager to plow ahead.