1. Re: R-18 novel where some guy has sex with a semi human spider in a town square?

      I don't think I've ever been more interested in getting an answer to a question.

    2. Re: New mini-series completed tomorrow!

      Hey! Hope your day's going well. I have a 10 chapter LitRPG mini-series that is coming to a close tomorrow with the release of the final 2 chapters. You can find it on my short stories page: (...)

    3. Re: Short Stories on RRL?

      Thanks for the recommendation! Romance isn't typically my thing, but I do want to broaden my horizons in different genres. So I'll give these a look!

    4. Re: Short Stories on RRL?

      Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate it.

    5. Re: Short Stories on RRL?

      What are some of your favorite short stories on Royal Road? I'm interested in reading some shorter works lately since my schedule's been crazy. You're all awesome!

    6. Re: Good Kingdom Building stories?

      Thanks!  I appreciate it.

    7. Re: Good Kingdom Building stories?

      Hey hey! Does anyone have any recommendations for good Kingdom Building stories? I've recently become interested in that. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

    8. New Short Story Collection

      Hello Legends of the Royal Road, I've been taking feedback from all the lovely people who reviewed my story, The Rider with the Golden Torc, and am currently revising it with the intention of releasing (...)

    9. RE: Rise of the Paladin (Dungeon Hero Book 1)

      That's a really killer cover. Just based on that, I'm going to start reading this.

    10. RE: Celtic/Wicca/Druids?

      You might like Slime then It's not exactly that description but it's kind of like a way...I'm not describing it very well.

    11. RE: Stories with strategy and some realistic elements to it

      I think you may get a kick out of my story. It's a coming of age story set in a fictional Bronze Age war, set in a fantasy land. There's a lot of battle, strategy, and follows a thousand man contingent (...)

    12. RE: Novel released on this site today!

      This story is really worth checking out.

    13. RE: I really need an Honest Review

      What type of feedback are you looking for or what should a reader be keeping an eye out for? :)

    14. RE: Review Swap

      I'd be happy to, Hammbody. Fair warning: I colossally fucked up at the beginning of my story by making it a bit dry and making the beginning a bit of a slow burn.  That being said, I'm fixing that tomorrow (...)

    15. RE: Review Swap

      Oh, I'm still doing it. And I'm going to do it to you next.  I've neglected to check the forum lately :O

    16. RE: Review Swap

      Hey Blaise, I haven't checked the forum in a few weeks, so I'm just seeing this now. I'll PM you :)

    17. RE: Review Swap

      No problem at all! You're story's great, and I've had a blast reading it. Just need to find time in the coming week to catch up on the new chapters. I should have a new story to post sometime next month, (...)

    18. RE: Review Swap

      ozefen's review is up. On to the next!

    19. RE: The Elder of Mediocrity

      After reading the first 6 chapters, I have to say that this story is worth it. I'll be posting a review after a few more chapters. I'm really digging it so far.