1. Re: Seems Cool

      Great minds think alike. I've been inspired by many mediums of entertainment of which you've written of as well, and am a bit intrigued by what your work is going to be about, but we'll see when you upload (...)

    2. Re: 30k views!!!!

      Nicely done, congrats! Good luck in future!

    3. Re: Since we don't have any for meme forum, then I'll be posting that here.

      Honestly, I just want to see if gifs work on RoyalRoad, so have a cat... Edit: Nope. Sad. Jifs do work. You just Gotta do them right Jeffs (...)

    4. Re: Fluttering in!

      Welcome to Royalroad!

    5. Re: Seems Cool

      Welcome to Royalroad! Hope you enjoy your stay. albeit I have a tonal preference for the former Why? Are you a fan of Berserk?

    6. Re: Why did you choose your name?

      Hmm. This was a a tough one for me. Because, before I choose my current name, I hadn't really considered which genre I was interested in. So I choose a ninja, because I like ninjas. Until I changed it. (...)

    7. Re: 250 views

      Gratz! :DrakanWine:  More to come!

    8. Re: (Can I do this here?) I'm torn between two covers, would anyone like to weigh in?

      Go with the layout using the rule of thirds. Looks great!

    9. Re: (Can I do this here?) I'm torn between two covers, would anyone like to weigh in?

      Agree with Asviloka. I prefer the first one because it's nice on the eyes, the second one gives a much stronger impression though. Hard to say which one to use.

    10. Re: Anyone in favor of a necromancy tag?

      Why not. Add the tag 'necromorphs' as well.

    11. Re: This story shall exist

      Adventures of a grandma's goldfish.

    12. Re: New Author: Alexa Lee

      Welcome to Royal Road! You can add a link to your signature cover for easier access to your novel. As Razzmatazz has done. Hope your fiction finds its audience!

    13. Re: 200 followers!

      :DrakanWine: Gratz!

    14. Re: How did you get here?

      It was between RR and Webnovel for me in terms of finding a platform for writers. Wattpad was a thing until they removed their forum. Just a google search for internet weeb writers and you'll get your (...)

    15. Re: Injustice on Royal Road

      Satire? :peoconfused:

    16. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      130 :DrakanPotato:

    17. Re: Testing, testing, 1... 2... 3... is this thing on? Hello, anybody out there?

      Affirmative! Empty Forum. Welcome! Happy writing and great cover! Edit: What is the name of the artist?