The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

What are you waiting for, start getting Randidly

Stop reading reviews, start reading this story and then hang on for the fun ride.  The characters and plot are an intriquing dive through Fantasy, Litrpg and enough action to keep an exciting pace.  The book is about the trials, tribulations, hard work and pain required for the MC to survive in a new world and the development of an eventual legend of Randidly porportions.


Everybody Loves Large Chests

Come Have Some fun, FUN, FUN!!! ***A RRL Must read***

A wonderfully imaginative and unique LITRPG and one of the top 3 on RRL.  Beware some hilarious graphic sex scenes that may cause some may flinch but actually add some flavor to the characters that helps put them in context.  

The Arcane Emperor

High art, thank you for sharing your gift.  Arcane Emperor is easily in the top 3 litrpg category and a must read now collection.  The MC is seemingly OP.  However, I like to see him as a thought experiment in human development if one wasn't constrained by societal norms that dictate linear thinking and a forced process of one having to pay their dues through meaningless waste of time in place.  A young person merely having the gift or ability to be able to shed societal norms and advance their thinking at the speed of their passion/dedication to their art and own creative ingenuity.  The MC recognizes this gift with an altruistic desire to freely share.  Will the MC be able to overcome the reality that ultimate power, ultimately corrupts?

Congratulations author and keep on trucking.