Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Ignore the long title. 

Arrogant Young Master Template, would have been an easier name to swallow. 

The basic idea of the story is that a modern day paper salesmen was transported into a generic wuxia world, with a System. This sounds like an idea that has been beaten to death. Which it has. However the kicker is that the MC is now in body of a generic Arrogant Young Master, and the System's purpose is for the MC to gain and then teach disciples. 

Most of the story takes place in the sect, which is a breath of fresh air from the normal 'Power UP, More On' plot that these stories tend to have. One of the best things about the story is that the side charaters are not cardboard cut outs. They learn, grow and plot alot. The sect feels like a real place. 

For a first time Author this is really great. You can see how much better the Authors writing gets when you compare the first few chapters to the lastest. 


Mother of Learning

Mother of Learning is one of the best webnovels on the internet.

I have been following Mother of Learning for years, and I am glad that the author has uploaded it to Royalroad. 


The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

I have enjoyed this story, very much so.

I have really enjoyed the story of Blacknail, It is much better then the usual rabble on this site, I like the character development and interaction between the cast. There are few spelling mistakes, however those are taken care of relatively quickly by the author and from helpful fans in the comment section.


Since Blacknail became a Hob-Goblin, he has become much more territorial and cunning, by killing off the opposition and trying to curry favor with his fellow bandits, he seems to be trying to comply with his new instincts by rising higher in the bandit hierarchy by making ruthless political maneuvers. Personally I would enjoy a ruthless political Hob-Goblin or whatever future evolution's he makes further in the novel. I am not sure what ideas the author has for the novel, but from what I see developing with the bandit leader wanting to take control of the roads to gain money from traders. To do that she has to take out the other bandit groups. Whoever owns the once filled bandit and monster ridden jungle, I doubt the other kingdoms or powerful nobles are just going to let the bandits control this vast territory. Like I said before I am not sure what the author has in store for us, I'll just say, from what I have read so far, this story has plenty of potential, and whatever webs the author chooses to weave, I shall stay a faithful fan.