1. Re: UNsubscribe from a chapter

      ...  i swear, I'm not blind, and that cog wasn't there a week ago when I was looking...   Thanks Wing! perfect. 

    2. Re: UNsubscribe from a chapter

      thanks.  it looks like im getting autosubscribed whenever I make comments now... 

    3. Re: UNsubscribe from a chapter

      I somehow subscribed to a specific chapter of a fic, and am getting emails for every comment other people make.  How did I do that, and how do i UN sub from the chapter?

    4. Re: What to do when your grammar is not good enough?

      How good my grammar needs to be in order to make a novel readable?  Better than this.  Sorry.  Is the issue age / knowledge / ability, or is English not your primary language?  Based on these posts, (...)

    5. Re: On Editing

      I can't NOT edit while I write, and if I take a break , i have to reread what I wrote before picking back up, and I end up editing during the reread, so I feel you.  Try busting out the 10k and then editing (...)

    6. Re: Should I give up on realism?

      It's your world. What's real is what YOU say is real.  Personally, I would suggest dropping vague hints about possible reasons behind something like that, but never fully explain it.  You'll get a lot (...)

    7. Re: How much should you read before deciding if you like a novel or not?

      For a published book, 40 pages or three chapters.  If it doesn't have my interest by then, it won't. Serials?  That's hard.  If its an OKAY serial, I'll usually keep slogging even to the end.  I have to (...)

    8. Re: April Fool's Serial Swap 2020

      Hey everyone!  I'm looking for vic... volunteers for the 2020 Serial Swappers April Fool's Day event!  We've done this several years in a row, based largely out of the forums at  (...)

    9. RE: Does anyone else not care about action/characters?

      Yup, I loved hachet, but not for the character development, I liked how he managed to slowly build up from having almost nothing, and knowing almost nothing, to being able to survive and even do pretty (...)

    10. RE: Does anyone else not care about action/characters?

      Theres an old but true line.  There are three stories.  Man against Man.   Man against Nature.  Man against Self.  man against nature is a common one.  Its a world, a situation, and people (...)

    11. RE: What makes a good Story?

      i like seeing classic ideas / tropes, explored in new ways. I like learning, and growth, and characters who manage not to repeat the same mistakes .

    12. RE: Does anyone else not care about action/characters?

      there are people who do like lots of worldbuilding, but eventually, you get to a point where you've written a setting, not a story. action is fine. Look at Asimov's Foundation. No action. Every possible (...)

    13. RE: Social outcast

      I find readers in general tend to be different from those that don't read largely for pleasure.

    14. RE: Preferences on handling LitRPG Gameplay Mechanics

      I think that Bold and Bracket have their places.  if its dialogue, then the BOLD both has the effect of showing that a mechanic is being mentioned, and suggest something different in the speech, for example, (...)

    15. RE: April Fool's Day Serial Swap

      Wondering how to get new people to see your serial? Here's one way: Every year people in the forums run an April Fool's day swap where the update that goes up is not the (...)