The reason I like this fan-fic is due to how the character is implemented into the story. Im not talking about someone being reincarnated into the main charcters body, but a completely new character that blends in with the story and characters. Also, I myself like a character that is pretty OP but not enough to prohibit the storyline. It could be little early to say this though. However, i admire the work you have put into this and i hope you keep writng.

Additional notes: 

The grammar is good from my perspective, although its been a couple of days since i've read this, it was'nt enough to have me guessing what you were saying.

The story is progressing smoothly and accurately according to the events that happen in Naruto. While not very original, it delivers an amusing and exciting read with what its desplayed.

I find that the side charcters need a bit more fleshing out and personality, but thats to be expected when there are under 20 chapters.

The MC has a goal and motivation, so thats a plus for me.

You could also improve on character dialogue.

Finally, just go read it. Just because it does'nt sound appealing does not mean you should'nt give the story a try.

PS; Continue with what you are doing author and i hope you can keep writing this.


Dragon, Silver Dragon

If you are looking for a quick, highly enjoyable read then this is for you. seriously it had me captivated the whole time.


The story is centered arround a human becomming an OP dragon and basically trying to make life interesting. The story hooked me as soon as i heard he was the strongest dragon in existence, what can i say? im a simple man. It continued to amuse me throughout the story ranging from the humorous moments or just the over all fuzzy felling it gives off. As mentioned the story is more of a happy, light-harted story that leaves you craving for the next chapter.


Overall grammar is good enough that i can read sentences and understand them without having to look back at them. Few and far-between spelling mistakes. The only thing that i didnt like was that the paragraphs where just one big clump of writing that made it a daunting and confusing task to read and had me sometimes looking at it agian because i lose my place. 


The Main Character is a simple one really; a happy person (Dragon) that only wishes to unite all the races and do something different from the whole 'fear the dragons' kinda thing.

The main character has a goal, Motivation and personality wich is enough for me.

Side Characters: 

This is one of the weakpoints of the story. The side characters dont feel real and are just agreeing to everything the MC does and says, And  they dont really have any progression throughout the story. Overall MOST characters feel a bit bland but with that said some are unique and i can understand the task of creating personalities for the charcaters especially if you are only writng as a hobby.

Overall I enjoyed this series enough for me to make my first reveiw on so yea... 

if you've read up to here Thanks :) and what are you doing? go and read the damn story already!