1. RE: New stories to watch out for

      I found a young promising story which hooked me instantly and reminded me of the old RRL rpg stories

    2. RE: Are there any novels were people are born with a random abilites

      There is a Webtoon called Flow that has that sorta thing where everyone has a god in the form of an animal that gives them a wish. Mc has a cat god but the god seems to be more than it looks to be. Its (...)

    3. RE: novel were people get blessed by gods and mc gets something special

      There's quite allot on the 'most popular this week' category One that I can think of is The Lone Wander but I doubt you haven't read that

    4. RE: Making a list of all "I am a Dungeon" type novels.

      Fairly new one that's blowing up right now is Dungeon Heart

    5. RE: Immortal Mc

      If immortal by OP then maybe one of my stories (Pyro), and if immortality by both rebirth and OP then also Cursed Champion, but I've put it on hiatus for now. Also good ones are 'Lone Wanderer', 'Necro-tourists: (...)

    6. RE: Immortal Mc

      My protagonist is immortal because he has...plot armor. No, seriously. "I think I expended too much magical energy." "Uh, what? Nii-san, you do know we're still like several hundred meters above (...)

    7. RE: Just joined RRL :D heard from NUF

      Heeeey peoplez... yes, with a z.  Just joined and finished up(caught up) with 'The Arcane Emperor'. And I must say I was pleasantly. PLEASENTLY I SAY!  surprised with what I read. Basically I'm looking (...)

    8. RE: Where can I find Number One Under Heaven

      In against the gods when yun che goes to the demon continent What?

    9. RE: Immortal Mc

      hmm Immortal soul? or hardcore OPness Well i prefer the latter.


      well, i I really wanted to make it. Thats why i like to read from the others first haha thanks for your attention sir ! hmm

    11. RE: Immortal Mc

      A basically a hardcore op mc

    12. RE: mc gets wish(es)

      The Lone Wanderer

    13. Immortal Mc

      Looking for a story where mc is immortal in the sense of ageing and regeneration but not the wuxia/xianxia 'immortal', Im talking like per say a vampire or god sorta thing? Also feel free to just recommend (...)

    14. RE: MC survives in a dungeon

      There is a manga 'The Dungeon Seeker'. Highly recommend if you have not already read this. 'Kumo desu ga, nani ka?' another manga thats also pretty good Dunno if these will satisfy you but yeh. I cant (...)

    15. RE: Ancient MC Dunno if this fits the criteria but yeh its still pretty good tho.