Annihilation Core

As a junkie of escaping from reality, this book/writer has what it takes. The prose and rythem of the words has that indescribable quality that makes me lose myself in the story. Yes, I'm only reveiwing it at Chapter 2 and its still yet to be seen if the author will keep up the high quality, but I am impressed with what he has produced so far. Looking forward to where this story goes.

Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

Good enough to pay for the patreon. That is pretty much my standard. Intersting stories are followed, but great stories, and their author deserves support. I'm in a position to do that, so I will. Typing this mostly to meet the 50 word requirement. Which is kinda stupid, but understandable.

The Systemic Lands (Dark Progressive LITRPG)

If you want to read a story about a light litrpg story about a literal murder hobo, then this is the sotry for you. The execution and grammer is great and the story is developing at a brisk pace. I won't spoil anything, but lets just say that the MC is pactical to the extreme and seems to have a good head on his shoulder. It's good enough that I will probably join the author's patreon.

Soul of the Warrior

Story is great so far as of chapter 10. The progression is more reasonable than most isekai, and it is obvious that the author put in a bit more thought into the age progression/ power scaling. If you are looking for something unique or shockingly good, this is probably not it. If you are looking for something to pass the time, this will do fine.

The writing/story is about the same with Selkie's dragon moon eye, and the Magic Smith.

Needlessly Defiant: Nether Monk

Interesting enough premises. Typical isekai story of reincarnation into a fantasy world, MC gets lucky and receives unusual class, then sets out to stumble upon one opportunity after another. 

the premises is fine, it's the execution that I have issues with. The transitions between POV is jarring and unnatural. Information about the world and the characters randomly appear with no set up. 

there's a great story here, but it's buried under all the technical issues. 

Tales of Cultivation

Typical xianxia setting, but with more realistic characters. The chapters are short as indicated but each chapter/scene flows well and have very few grammatical errors. Each scene also dosen't feel rushed and gets its point across despite the short chapter. I haven't read too far yet but the story is good so far.

Give it a try.


The story and style is interesting. It is distinct enough from all the other wish fullfillment power fantasy on RR but the grammar needs polish.

The Silver Mana - Book 1: Initiate

This is my second read through of the story after the author took down the original version.

I almost never re-read books, not even published authors. The fact that I'm re-reading this say a lot about the quality of the writing.

I'm also super cheap. But I would pay $10 a month on patreon to read "ahead" for this story even though I have already read it once. I'm only sponsoring two other RR authors right now but this would be a definite third if that option is avaliable.

I'm literally willing to put money where my mouth is, that's how good I think the writing is.

Defiance of the Fall

An interesting mix of wuxia and lit-rpg in a well thought out story. The story flows well and there are few grammatical errors. Highly recommend. 

Worth the Candle

Wanted an escape, got introspection

Expected standard fantasy fare of whisked to a magical world with game-like elements and got a surprisingly deep introspective story about life, grief, and love. Highly recommend it because the story flows well and the moment of reflection is tastefully done.