Metaworld Chronicles

It's been fun watching the writer improve.

This story begins as a reincarnation/ transmigration/litrpg where, even though there are no surprises in it, it's still a pretty well told story with consistently good grammar, interesting worldbuilding, and great character work. The thing is a lot of stories know that if they write a story that flips every single one of the things this websites fans love the most and do a decent job with it, they'll get plenty of views. This story goes a different route and raises the dramatic and descriptive difficulty of the story they're telling without sacrificing the quality of the writing. The action is good and often quite suspenseful. The magic system is interesting and the main character is powerful without feeling like every fight and conflict is a foregone conclusion. I started reading this story along with a few others that are now in the top twenty. Out of that crowd, this is the one that continues entertain me. Good job author! 


Keep Cracking Out Those And I'll Keep Reading

It's tough to create a character whose powers aren't so OP that it's fun to watch them fight, complex enough that you're interested in seeing how their powers grow, yet strong enough that it's an excellent trump card. Onch has done something exceptional here in that the characters powers are interesting enough that he could probably write a whole book based on the main character trying to get by in the real world with no other supernatural elements whatsoever. 

Add that to the clearly written fight scenes, the parts where the character uses his powers to study enchanting and finds clever ways to beat his opponents, and this is a story that's worth spending some time with. You keep cranking out those pages and I'll keep reading. 

Last of the Mage-Kings

This tale is designed for the fast reading binge reader thirsty for good sizes of satisfying story with solid characters. I'm surprised that I haven't seen MORE stories of this type. A great melding of a western wizard who wakes up to find themselves in a cultivation culture, it feels like in the future many will try their hand at what feels like a niche genre waiting to happen. With the clear and well paced action scenes and solid descriptions they will have to travel pretty far to catch upto the quality this author has brought to the royal road. I don't think they'll be able to catch him. 

The Gambit of the Gods

Make the dwarf and offer he can't refuse!

A mafia enforcer is transmigrated into a litrpg world? Like, Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty mashed up with a Dungeon And Dragons adventure? TAKE MY MONEY! Ummm I'm broke though... TAKE MY ATTENTION AND MY APPRECIATION! Interesting characters in unfamiliar places create interesting surprises. I like this tale of an unexpected, fish in unfamiliar waters. Keep up the good work! 

Aspect of the Beast

Solid Worldbuilding With A Captivating Character

This story does a lot of things well and a lot of things right all while putting out the kind of work that feels effortless which is a feeling that requires a great deal of effort to actually achieve! I need to throw a curse word out to show how serious I am about what I'm about to say: right from the prologue this writer shows he isn't fucking around. And from that well executed beginning the writer gives us a story with a main character we care about as they discover a harsh world I'm eager to watch them explore. It was a real pleasure reading this and I'm eagerly waiting for more. 

Eternia Rising : Lost

Litrpg with an excellent character set up

Someone said that all stories are the same story except for the worlds the story takes place in and the characters that are going through it. Much of the time in litrpg the character is an experienced gamer who's familiar with the game they're in which makes the stakes in the story rather low.

In creating his character, fontype has made a superb choice in placing a senior citizen expecting to retire to a digital nirvana and transplanting them into a game they are completely unfamiliar with. Immediately the tension is ratcheted up for this character because as much as gamers are comfortable with such tropes as dragons or skeletons animated by necromancy, he isn't familiar with such things at all. At the same time making the character a senior citizen means that they've done things in their long life that could come into play in unexpected ways. Fontype has set a beautiful table and I can't wait to see what more is on the menu! 

The Saga of the Undone One

If you don't read this book you're a dumbass

A lot of times when you read a fantasy novel, it feels like people are just writing a very thin version of something else they read. Nothing seems original or well described. Every castle is a generic castle, every monster is something loosely described and borrowed from Lord of the Rings or some video game. From the moment Moonwatcher introduces the main character it feels like you're reading a writer that tried to develop something unique for the reader to check out. He's sympathetic, interesting to watch,  and when he comes into his powers after a near death experience you can't take your eyes off him. 

The only difference between this story and a professional piece of work is that this book maybe rushes towards the more action oriented parts when it could slow the story down a bit and this book is free.


A lot of times when you read stories that have a lot of sex in them the female sexual partners are either barely sketched manequins or caricatures of other characters. Often, in a kind of reversal of Bella in Twilight, it's inexplicable why any of the sex dolls find the main character attractive. It's as if the writers are either virgins who have only seen naked women on a screen while jerking off alone under their bed covers or they're in a marriage where the only time they had sex was on they're honeymoon and they've been wretched miserable ever since.

I can remember every single person that the main character slept with because each one is an expertly drawn character,  completely different from the others. The main character is also quite interesting and dramatically vibrant as well.

I guess is been two years since this writer has put pen to paper and worked on this.  I hope they're out there writing other stories. If they are, I hope I find them.

  • A solid piece of work. It was nice reading a litrpg book written by someone who isn't a sex starved teenage boy whose understanding of people in general and women in particular is about as deep and clear as spilled mop water. I enjoyed Francine, I enjoyed Samantha, and I enjoyed the village building. I laughed several times. It was a fun, easy read.

Slip Hero

I liked it but in retrospect the main character could face a few more obstacles in his path. Overall a good read. I wish he would publish more frequently but considering the fact that he puts out thirty page chapters and he's not trying to get paid for it, I'm not going to complain.