1. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      I'm working on my sixth draft of my story right now, trying to get it in shape to publish it on Amazon kindle. I'd be interested in your opinion! Link is in the sig below. 

    2. Re: Building Tension in a Novel

      Jodi Picoult has this trick that she uses multiple times with the first sentence of every single story that she's written and many times within the beginning of chapters as well that when you read it fills (...)

    3. Re: How do you change, writing style?

      When you finish the first draft of your chapter, edit it down. Rewrite for compactness.

    4. Re: What is a scene?

      Pretty nice break down of the different kinds of scenes and how they are supposed to work.  http://www.yeahwrite.org/?p=3656

    5. Re: Ever tried to write a precognitive character?

      I've only read two book series that have main characters with precognitive abilities. The space opera series Theirs Not To Reason Why by Jean Johnson and the urban fantasy series Alex Verus. They both (...)

    6. Re: Would you mind reviewing the blurb for my future Amazon book?

      Jaq understands running.   At sixteen, she escaped the mystic cult that raised her, stealing a million dollars on her way out. She's been on the move ever since.   Jaq understands hiding.   Staying (...)

    7. Re: Would you mind reviewing the blurb for my future Amazon book?

      This is what I rewrote but I think I like yours better.  Ex-cultist Jaquelyn 'Jaq' Endlaw knows one thing about hiding: when you're on the run from monks that use the ghosts of dead gods to control (...)

    8. Re: Would you mind reviewing the blurb for my future Amazon book?

      A blurb I'm working on for when I publish my urban fantasy novel on Amazon. Let me know what you think.  Jaq knows a lot about running.  When she was 16 she ran away from the mystic cult that raised (...)

    9. Re: Random advice for people working on putting their story on amazon?

      I'm still in the middle of the self editing so I'm definitely paying attention to these messages. Thanks for the suggestions!

    10. Re: Review help for: Last of the Mage-Kings

      It was a good read Axinhead.  The pleasure was all mine!

    11. Re: Review help for: Last of the Mage-Kings

      Fanfiction? I thought this was an original story? I took the opportunity to read your story. Very impressive! I think I only found one typo in the entire 23 chapters. When you have interesting characters (...)

    12. Re: New stories to watch out for

      I just finished reading 8 chapters of a reincarnated into a majic world tale called Aspects Of The Beast. The storytelling in it feels solid and professional. It was so good I honestly felt like I owed (...)

    13. Re: Rewriting a fiction from the ground up

      As long as it's the same story with the same characters and not a completely different story altogether I fail to see what the problem is. It's not like you sold your password and access to another person (...)

    14. Re: Random advice for people working on putting their story on amazon?

      Now that I'm four chapters away from finishing my story on here I'm self-editing my novel to get it ready for the amazon arena.  I write with the scrivener program which lets you compile your story into (...)

    15. Re: I will review and comment swap the first 10 people who reply.

      I started a thread on the forum awhile ago asking people about all the reasons they had for backing out of a fiction they didn't like without giving the author any kind of criticism. One of the things (...)

    16. Re: Eight God Engine At 90,000 Words Is Drawing To A Close

      Eight God Engine is an urban fantasy set in a world where an invisible rift policed by mysterious groups known as monasteries has led to a rise in metahumans that have changed the world.  The story (...)

    17. Re: Published RRL Authors

      Add me to the 'going to be published' list. Eight God Engine is at 88,000 words and only has five chapters left before it's finished on here. The book will probably be 10k longer than what's on here because (...)

    18. Re: I can't describe it.....aaah what's the word?! Keep it simple or smart?

      I use a thesaurus for two things. One is when I've used the same word twice within the same paragraph.  Then when  I can't think of the word I want to use. I know a related word but not the word I want (...)

    19. Re: Getting more active readers

      I'm going to be strictly honest with you. I would say there are two reasons why you aren't getting any readers. First reason is that you only have couple pages up. The second reason is that what you're (...)

    20. Re: I used to think writing was...

      1. Trying to write something beautiful.  Now I think that writing is- 1) The ability to create. Even if what you create isn't beautiful. 2)The ability to consume and judge your creation as an objective (...)