Legend of the Infinity Blades

I prefer stories with strong leads, MCs that are in control of the situation. This one left with mixed feelings. This MC is about as far from in control as possible, but I'm gonna echo the other review and point out how fun this guy is. He never does what you expect, and there's A LOT of room for character growth. I would say defo give this one a read.

Titanomachy - A Mecha Pilot In Another World

I found this to be frustrating to read. I want to say that this is probably the best looking story that I just can't get myself to read. I love the premise, I love how skills were integrated, I love the setting! The writing is good, so why did I struggle reading this?

I just cannot for the life of me understand the MC (he's also apparently 7'9.... yeah that's beyond tall). Spoilers for the first few chapters coming in. So picture this, you wind up in some strange location and lose your super expensive Mech that you apparently love to hell. You set off in search of it, but run into some chick with a bow. You put your hands up in surrender, but she shoots you anyway.... She then kidnaps you, and brings you to a weird alien, who takes your shit in return for healing you. Then suddenly this alien is teaching him sword moves and hunting centipides?!? How did we go from point A to point B?! Then suddenly they're friends?!

MC spends no time thinking about improving his situation, 9 chapters in and that mech has all but been forgotten. He's in mortal danger but he's fanboying over magic. He's incredibly passive. He doesn't do things, things happen to him and he reacts. It's frustrating to read about.

With all that being said, I can defo see how someone might still enjoy this story. Everything except the characters is done excellently. My recommendation is to give the first few chapters a read, if you can bear with the insanely tall, boneheaded MC you might enjoy it.

A Sith's Journey

You ever read Mother of Learning, and just love the concept, but never see it done properly? How about all the various star wars fics that completely waste all the potential by just re-hashing canon? Tired of the 200th story about the Sith Academy on Korriban (We've all played the goddamn game! Skip this!)

READ THIS. It's so satisfying. This story doesn't focus on action or insane harems or some gary/mary-stu saving the star wars universe. It's mostly about character growth. We watch the MC go from confused guy to wizened master (maybe he's not all the way there yet).

Even though the action isn't the focus, there's plenty of it. It's intense and lets you get a clear mental image. I would give this one a read.

Misadventures in a Cultivation World!!

Logical take to being transported to a different world. I feel the MC accepted his situation a little too easily, but I'll admit his reactions are funny. This story has so far avoided most xianxia pitfalls.. I enjoy the slower pace, the lack of arrogant young masters, psychopath MC. In fact the MC is probably the best part here, his inner dialogue is funny. Only 13 chapters out so far though, so it might get worse in the future, but I have confidence in the author.


As for grammar? No complaints. Perfectly readable.

Creation - The Path of a God

EDIT: Don't read Book 2

Reading the name and prologue at first I thought this would be another cliche story but boy was I wrong

The MC here is unique, instead of the mister super nice guy or edgy "fuck humanity for wronging me" kind of MC he's more like how you would expect nobility to act. He has super devoted servants, is ridiculously OP, doesn't hesitate to kill people who deserve it and doesn't shy away from lending a helping hand. I really like him.


The story itself is more slice of life style, there's really no big bad or main purpose (maybe how he got his powers?). Still only 5 chapters in though so this will probably be expanded on.


Another thing I really love about this is how huge the chapters are, 5 chapters felt more like 15. No cliffhangers between chapters, always ends at a satisfying spot. Never thought this was actually important to me till I read this and noticed how nice it is. Grammar is also readable, that's always a plus.


Definetely give this read.



The One and Only

I recommend giving it a read. It's kind of generic but that's not always a bad thing. Some times good plain vanilla is the best. The grammar already puts it in the top percentile.

As for the characters, I'm enjoying the MC so far. He's a conflicted person, especially during those moments where people are all looking down on him for being weak. He has to acclimate to that kind of strong eat the weak envoirment, and it's clearly shown. It's not like one of those stories where someone transmigrates and instantly fits in.

All the other characters though? They leave much to be desired. Way too many arrogant people. Even if someone is arrogant to the bone, they wouldn't be as nonesensical as these people act. For no reason at all picking a fight with someone who hasn't offended you is just stupid.

Where did I wake up?

Only 11 chapters out so far, but it was a really great start. It's kind of generic, but if you like the genre I'm sure you'll be immediately into this. I didn't find the MCs reactions from getting transported to be unbelivable, in fact I like his personality so far. From what we've seen it seems like he's not one of those types that ends up somewhere else, and immediately loses all his modern person values.

If there's any negative, it's that I don't much like the system here. So far it's not bad, but I see the potential for crazy bloat when EVERYTHING is a skill that goes from lvl 0-100. I'm worried it'll start taking pages in the future and I'll have to keep multiple tabs open to keep track of it. Another sort of negative is the lack of side characters. I say sort of because this is most likely due to there only being 11 chapters. I hope it changes in the future, a lot of these types of stories fall into the trap of actually treating it like a game, with no human interaction. Which are usually nice to read at the start, but get it gets stale fast when all the MC does is grind out levels for this skill and that skill. MC is godlike but never uses his power, spends his time as an E rank adventurer collecting plants and 'hiding' his power. Yuck. But, in the end that's just a future worry. I'm sure the author has plans to keep the story interesting.

I also appreciate that the story is completely readable. No 5th grade writing here folks.

Give it a read!

On a Blank Canvas

One of the best magic systems

I really enjoyed this one.

The MC is a bit on the overpowered side, but I absolutely love how he changes through the story. The story itself is interesting, it's kind of slice of life, but with more action than the usual. The world building is incredible here, and don't get me started on the magic system.

The magic system used here allows for pretty much anything you can think of. This gives the author the ability to throw in crazy abilities, which leaves me excited for the future of this story.

The grammar is readable, no obvious mistakes.

If there was any negatives, it would be that there isn't too many interesting side characters. It's pretty much a one man show so far, but I'm hoping that's bc there's only 15 chapters released. I definitely recommend this.

Living Life As A Game: Through And Through

Holy crap. This is so freaking good. Why is this not topping the charts?

The start seems like one of those ridiculous stories that are 95% wish fullfilment and 5% story. I have to tell you guys, IT'S NOT. There's a cohesive story here, and even though the MC is kind of OP, it's not done in a stupid way that leaves no challenge. It's SATISFYING.

The actual plot of the story is really interesting. I usually HATE it when the systems have personalities. They're usually just a gateway for the author to add dumb jokes. But this story does it really well. I found myself actually reading the dialogue between the system and our MC. The side characters? We haven't gotten to know them too well but they're all interesting to me so far. I want to know more about them.

As for the MC, which I was most iffy about going into the story? She/he is amazing. I usually don't like genderbend MCs, they either get over the genderbend immediatly (then spend the next chapter feeling their female bodies up and getting excited) so that there was no point to the actual genderbend, or spend the entire story not accepting the situation and angsting over it, which isn't fun to read about. Here the logic for the MC getting over it makes sense in a twisted way.

The grammar is also far better than the usual junk that we see here. It's clean and readable, which is all I ask.

I originally intended to just skim this as I ran into this story randomly, but I ended up binging it. READ THIS.

Shatter the Heavens; Slaughter the Gods

I was going for a late night browse and checking out multiple random stories but wow, I only meant to read a little but ended up binging this entire thing. This is incredibly entertaining, with good readable grammar. The idea isn't anything new, but the execution is.

Haven't you ever wondered how a xianxia world would look if everyone WASN'T batshit insane? Look no further! The story so far is about the MC living his life like any normal person. He doesn't run into arrogant young master after arrogant young master, nor does he find any world shattering beauties. Shit, even if he DOES run into them later on during the story, they will actually mean something. World shattering beauties aren't so world shattering when the MC meets a new one every other chapter.

I like the way side characters are handled here. They use their brains, everyone has some little story that you notice when you pay attention. It's kind of aggravating how every villager has this 'us vs outsiders' mindset, but it makes sense when you take into account the time period they live in. I can't judge too much though, because there isn't too many of them so far. I really hope the MCs mother has a good ending!

As for our MC? I like his attitude and drive for betterment. If there's anything I don't like about this story is the way magic is handled. The MC constantly goes on about how he doesn't know how magic is treated in the current day, so he doesn't use it. That's fine and all.... but he never tries to even figure it out?! For all he knows, in the eyes of other people there is no such thing as magic, just strong cultivaters! In fact, what is stopping him from masking some minor magic as just a martial technique? Also, if he can put an entire caravan of people to sleep with magic... well that's just insanely abusable and it makes me wonder why he never abused it back at his village.

Other than that though, this story is defo worth a read.