Amelia (An OP MC Isekai LitRPG)

I loved this story. Sure it's tropey. But you know what? That's the thing. I don't read this to look for DIFFERENT. I read this to find what I've read in other and similar stuff. That's why they call it a genre. You know, cuz it's 'similar'. 

Other 'people' may get all worked up over the 'sameness' but then, that's what drew me in and what keeps me reading even now. I've never read the writes other works. But I know I like this story. 

So if you liked One Punch Man, liked the story of OP MC and Sidekicks in the classic trope of Superman and friends. Then sure, give this a read. You won't be dissappointed. It's got action, it's got humor and it's got maybe a smidgeon of romance.

Unfortunate Transmigrator

Hi, so I thought by chapter 18 there would be a Golden Finger of some kind. 

Nope, nothing. So Yeah I decided that overall it was a GOOD read. Pacing, plot, characters, world setting. All pretty good.

But in these kinds of stories I want to atleast have a golden finger of something cool and neat that helps the MC. 

Sure, he being aware of he had a previous life was a slight edge, but that didn't make the story stand out from other similar ones I've read. I was hoping for a Golden Finger of some kind. Could be there would appear one in chapter 19? But I didn't want to keep reading thinking there would be something super distinct that makes this story stand out. 

I gave -1 star since I was hoping for a golden finger special of some kind. Oh well.

There is a good niche for this story. Just not for me is all.


Overleveled: Arrival in a New World

In a good way. 

This story had more surprises and twists than I had expected and the humor shown through as well. If you like an OP MC and he is OP. Mixed with some humor and sarcasm at times. This could be your huckleberry. There are tropes tossed around. Sometimes literally. 

But if you read 1 chapter, you may binge like me and hit the last chapter before you know it. 

Overall, I'm looking forward to more chapters. Very entertaining romp. 

A Sith? During The Fall

Very Good It is, Adventure I Seek

Overall, the style and pacing leaves me well satisfied. As I've Never played SWTOR, I've found the writer to just give enough info for me to atleast have some understanding of the character he's created. 

The setting and time is well done, canon events still happen. Just...not quite how you expected. Those butterflies of chaos sure do mess things up a  bit. 

Can't wait to see how it all tumbles around. I'll keep this one in my follow up and favorites. You should too. 

Steam & Aether

Overall I liked it. Normally I don't read steampunk stories. Never got into them. THOUGH I grew up reading Edgar  Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars and Tarzan. So I guess my roots did start from a time before 'steampunk' was a thing. I digress, but yes, if you did like John Cart of Mars. You may like this story. I got that same weird out of place visitor from another world vibe. I would say Captain JC was the first Isekai Genre of his kind. 

I've caught up to the 1.53 chapter. Now I'll have to bank and let it build up again. so fear not. I am lurking. Just not reading yet....until then...Off to Barsoom!!

A Soldier Adrift: Captain Westeros

I binged from all week and easily caught up to Bay of America 2. 

Overall the blending of the juxtapose between Westeros and Rogers was well done. There were moments you just KNEW knuckles were gonna fly or when words did more than deeds. I liked the pacing and the subtle way the writer changed events by really tossing giant butterflies of chaos through the actions of Rogers. No spoilers. You'll have to read to see what I mean. 

This version of Westeros isn't the Shakespearean bloody gut wound that we got from GoT all because of one kid from Brooklyn who would dare to do the right thing. Well done Ser. 

The Great Defender (A Superman [Smallville TV show] x RWBY Crossover)

Like the title says I've never seen RWBY but am a huge super fan of Smallville. Watched all the seasons of Smallville and even the weird crossover in WB Flash. 

All the same, I enjoyed this crossover fanfic. The writer wrote enough details on RWBY world and characters that I could enjoy my immersion in it. There were really NO time I said to myself "what is going on in RWBY? who what where am i?" In fact a part of me is wondering if I should now check it out. 

So the mesh of two realities was done well. Clark from Smallville was done well. Almost like I was rewatching another season of it! Thanks to the good writer! 

So if you're a fan of Smallville and a Fan of RWBY I suspect you'll like this. But even if not, you will still find this a good entertaining story of a Stranger in a more Stranger Land. 

Speedrunning the Multiverse

Overall I liked it alot. 

If you like OP, smart, devious and seemingly well thought out MC. Give this a read. 

In some weird way it reminded me of playing Diablo 3. I'd get my main up to par, and then with the best gear and knowledge, I'd do a 2nd character and using better low level gear, pump my 2nd as fast as possible to highest level and end game. 

If you like doing that with any MMorpg, you'll probably enjoy this read. 

But I warn you, the "meat" of the story probably won't be until my guess at 20th or 30th chapter? We're still just staring off right now between 1-15 (which is where this review is at) 

Overall give it a read. 

An Infinite Recursion of Time

I was expecting something else. I  got this. 

If you've seen the Konosuba anime series or read it. Then you should get a huge kick of enjoyment out of this one. It seems to have all the right sense of comedic trope and then on top of that you get the 18++ stuff. Oh yeah. 

What can be funnier than a guy isekai'd and finds himself with a harem that he slowly eases his way 'into' and 'deeply' and 'warmly.' 

There are some hilarious moments and serious moments. Good stuff. 

Time loop, Isekai, 18++, funny dialogue, what more can you ask for in a good entertainment?  Give this a read. 

A Modern Man in a Cultivating World

I found this gem while doing advance searches. Nice. Nice. If you like mixing modern man thinking vs cultivator world, you may like this one. Author is new at writing, but very passable. Liking the pace an style so far. First couple of chapters seem rushed, but that's just to get to the meat of the story. 

Thankfully no arrogant young masters yet. Or weirdly enough, super greedy and evil fellow sect members. 

That was another change of pace from overly greedy spazzy fellow sect members. We don't get that with this story so far. You read about righteous sects and demonic sects, luckily our MC wound up in a 'good' sect. About the same as how Clark Kent wound up with a good farmer couple as opposed to Homelander being raised in a lab...

Overall it's got the tropes, blended with some reasonable thinking. 

my ONLY complaint? Why ARE the tech levels so primitive in cultivator worlds? You would think super wisdom leads to super ways to make life easier? or is there a deeper conspiracy....time will tell....read on folks!