First Contact

Have been reading this on and off for almost 6 months now on reddit.

Didn't notice that Ralts was posting here till just now. This story is seriously good. 

Ralts is a machine and posts quality day in and day out at some truly astonishing rates. 

This is definitely something worth diving into and losing yourself in his mad mad mind!



Rising from the Depths

As the title of the review says Fakemask described the state of this story well.
Coconut (the author) did a really good job at the beginning developing the world and showing us what the surroundings like at all times. Now, all we get is very bare-bones ideas with little detail, which is frustrating seeing as they did such a good job at the start. 


Overall I think this is a solid story. But has a few too many flaws for me to (currently) enjoy it. 

Best of luck Coconut, maybe I'll come back at some stage and try this again!


Oneshot - Jack of all Trades: Magical, Mystical, and Miscellaneous Services (Complete)

This is a fun, one folks. Short but sweet. Worth jumping into if you have a spare half hour.

Funny world setting and classic Werc brand humour! 

Thanks again Wercwercwerc for the lovely tale <3

I'm not sure what else to say here without giving away the entire story. This new 50 words minimum review size has got me scrambling! 

Mud's Mission

Fun little read following a Golem on his mission to protect his dead master mansion and slowly take over the world.



A new standard for zombies

Well written.
Interesting sneaky peaks into the wider world.

An engaging plotline that's being slowly revealed to us.


Add this to your read list folks!


Mighty Moushie - is an amazing author!

Another banger from MM - highly recommended that you give this one a try if you haven't already.

Well written Vampire fiction - making it a stand out on this site for sure!


Thanks again for the wonderful story Mighty Moushie, I absolutely loved it and can't wait to read more!

The Dream: Integration

Enjoyable read.

I may be slightly biased as all of the small details really make me smile.

Gotta love kiwi's representing on the big stage ya know!

Thanks for the awesome story Valky!


This work has become a beautifully written piece of prose. 
You have truly touched me, something which very few stories on this site manage to accomplish.

Please continue the excellent work!



So glad you are back Mght!

Unparalleled is a master piece 

Farming For Gold

Good idea. Poor execution.

Supposed to be a slice of life, but doesn't quite hit the mark.

Terrible grammar and spelling. Which ends up really taking away from the story.

Plus the MC acts like a mix between a moody teen and an old narrator. Making for a very strange storytelling style.


Plus it hasn't been updated in over 5 months now.

Probably give this one a miss.

Polyrhythm Time -- A Bard's Tail

Probably too technical for most readers on RR to get into.

With that said if you are into this kinda thing then this is definitely the story for you!

  • Interesting way of bringing in a 'system'.
  • Marvellous writing and impeccable grammar.
  • Unique MC - drummers are a strange breed!
  • Sassy tutorial guide
  • Plus it updates almost everyday, so there's always something more to read!


Overall an excellently written novel!

Cheers Artae :)