Nowhere Island University

Picking up the first volume in print is a great way to support the serial, but if you grab this without knowing about the serial, you're probably not going to have as good of a time.

The basic pitch for NIU is that it's a gritty hunger-games style high school in a world that mirrors our own--apart from all the James-Bond-level mad science, black ops, and superhero programs going on in the background. If you've read Wildbow's "Worm", expect a much less gonzo version of that kind of setting.

Like Worm, NIU is pretty dark, and like Worm, it struggles a little to get its feet under itself at first. This is again why I'm recommending checking out the serial before making any decisions about the book. In the serial, you can skip ahead and get instant confirmation that the writing matures--and it does. The author's writing strengthens over time, but this also means the first book is going to be rough compared to the others.

One thing the writer nails, even early on, is bringing in a wide cast of characters, making them each memorable, and then letting them live or die by their own decisions. The line between villain and ally is also pretty fluid, which for me was a big part of the appeal of the book.

The story moves at a good clip, even if book 1 feels a little unfocused in places, so Glad You're Not Here is definitely not going to bore you. You'll have to work a little hard to suspend your disbelief in a few places, but early chapters of Worm have the same problem. They're signs of a writer getting accustomed to the craft.

Ultimately, you'll probably have formed an idea of whether you're going to like this by the time you've skimmed a few chapters of the later books, but if you do like it, come back to this page when you can. Support the writer and buy the book.

The Dungeon Hive

A very unique take on the dungeon core premise. I'm looking forward to the next book.
As mentioned by other reviewers, this book does need more editing, as it is obvious the author is not a native English speaker. That said, it is no worse than most books by non-native authors, with most errors related to tense and pronouns. Overall the story is well thought out, with engaging characters, smooth story flow and interesting action.

Royal Scales

Excellent werewolf fiction

Please note - this is a published work on Amazon now.

It is often the world-building that draws me into a story. This book established its world in the very first paragraph. The first sentence, actually, with the mention of elves and their tendency to form addictions. So while I was sceptical about reading a book featuring mythical humanoid beings, knowing how overdone this genre has become, I knew from the start that this one had something different to offer.

Characters are the second thing that will hook me on a book, and I admit I liked Jay from the start. It was weird. I don't normally fall for the rugged, rough around the edges type, but there was something about him that caught my attention. It made me want to keep reading. To find out more. What's his backstory? What makes him tick? And what were the details of the frightening situation with his vampire ex-girlfriend that made him leave town and stay away for four years? I needed to know, so I read on and was not disappointed with where that line of questioning took me.

I'm also a sucker for a good mystery, so Jay's quest to find out who or what he becomes my quest as well. I was a little disappointed that those answers were not fully explained in this book, but it just makes me curious to read the next instalment.

Continue Online

This book caught me off guard. I've read a few books in the Litrpg Genre and as such I thought I knew what to expect from this story. I was very wrong. Most LitRPG stories are mostly lighthearted, but not Continue Online: Memories. This book deals with some heavy emotions. It does so fantastically though. I could very much relate to the main character in this novel. He was pretty real to me.
His unusual experience in this game world was also very interesting and moving as well. This is definitely one of the best LitRPG novels I've read so far and I'm looking forward to reading more of this series!

Dungeon of the Old Gods

The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die.

There, for grace, I go. It is never-ending. Their death awaits. Do not try my patience. Between life and death lies immortality. Perhaps Shurima was meant to fall. Some things must remain buried. Eons... pass like days.

I bring death. Soon, there will be nothing. Life is part of a cycle. Yours is over. Your soul will be measured. Death is a harsh mistress. Your spirit is hollow. Journey into the beyond. Return to the dust. We approach a time of reckoning. This too must end. Some spirits are fated to burn. Eternity is beyond your reach.
Your legacy shall drift away; blown into eternity, like the sands of the desert.

Wither. Become dust. Waste away. Perish.

Corridor of Fire

The plotline interested me so I purchased it. The book was ok the characters were a little weak but then again I believe this is a new author so I see potential in the book.

Two things I did not like was the ending and the size of the book. The story felt short and the ending was a little bit of a cliff hanger.

I am looking forward to seeing how the next book, will see how it goes.

Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator.

l Nimbus has recreated an already great tale and somehow made it even better!

It’s important to note here that Nimbus is a prolific commenter and regularly posts on the RR forums. He is incredibly active on this site and is, in my opinion, a true asset to the community.

Nimbus has created a deep and varied world with some tantalising teasers making me wish he would hurry up and write more.

100% recommend that you give this fiction a try if you haven’t already. You wont be disappointed!

p.s Nimbus, you da real MVP here. Thanks again for being such a great guy <3


The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation

Honestly, this is one of those few stories you keep coming back to once they go on hiatus.

Checking.. checking… checking….

Maybe this time, just maybe, there will a new chapter, an update, something, anything


I really hope the author (TheDreamForger) is ok.

I wish they would come back and continue this epic tale.. please


FYI TheDreamForger was last active over a year ago now. Hope is dwindling. 

Save Point - A Science Fiction litRPG

This is one of the few Royal Road novels which actively works to alienate its audience. Most authors are unwilling to take the risks that Matt has done here. The twist at the end is a killer. And you either love or hate him for it.

As I said before, worth buying, it's a wild ride!

Small Chests Are Fine Too

An unusual protagonist gives this book a good amount of character. A good science-fantasy / LitRPG read with a feel of Terry Pratchett humour. Not too heavy on the LitRPG skill and attribute descriptions, but enough to scratch the itch if you like that kind of thing (which I do).

Definitely adult only though - extremely violent and depictions of females (both 'people' and monster) are over-sexualised. But as this has some video game roots this is somewhat in-context.

Well written and well edited; only a few typos. Great pacing that made me keep picking this up when I should really have been doing something else.