Monster Eater: The Taste of Power

Monster Eater: The Taste of Power
196 pages

Year 2719. After centuries of battling monsters and the threat of extinction, humanity found survival by holing itself inside fortified settlements. With much effort and a little bit of luck, we rediscovered the two greatest pieces of technology from the past—television and the internet. Too bad they threw us off the track of progress.

Now the most talented evolvers only dreamed of becoming famous duelists, appearing on TV and having droves of fans admiring them. Gone were the days of striving to reconquer the land taken by monsters. By the time we realized the mistakes in our ways, it was too late and violent changes were set in motion. Changes that caught up to me.

One day I woke up in an abandoned mine with no memories of my past, possessing the power to eat monsters to increase my stats and an unmeasurable thirst for revenge.


As I usually disclose, I'm not a native english speaker so you might find many misteks in my writing. Any and all help in that regard is appreciated.

This story will be slow-paced, and while it will have that OPness we all like in our stories, the main character will have to earn it.  He will not be killing demon lords and dealing with deities by chapter 50. 

You also need to have in mind that this will not be a smooth ride for the MC. If you are prone to convulsing when things don't go well for the MC this might not be for you.


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Earth's Second Evolution

Earth's Second Evolution
250 pages

What would a normal person do if they found themselves trapped inside a magical barrier with monsters and floating blue screens ordering them to fight those very monsters? What if there was the incentive of becoming as strong as a superhero?

Elan was a kid living a regular life, studying hard, getting bullied sometimes—the usual—until a purple asteroid fell on Earth and turned everything upside down, forcing upon him that exact question.

With only a healing skill at his disposal, Elan will have to find a way of overcoming the trials brought by the asteroid and survive in what became of the world. A place where countries have crumbled to pieces and evolved individuals with superhuman powers claim those pieces as their own personal kingdoms.

And if that was not enough, unearthly powers loom over the world, vying for its control while humans, unaware of their growing influence in society, bicker and kill each other.


Quick disclaimer as usual. I'm not a native English speaker, so it'll be really appreciated if you can point out any mistakes you find.

This will be a slow-paced story where mc does not equal god's chosen child. I like an op MC as much as the next guy, but only when it makes sense. That is what I'm trying to create here.

Thanks for reading!

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