The Arcane Emperor

All around great story, probably one of the best written on RRL, if not the best. Lots of world building, lots of character building, and the main character is enjoyable although he tends to jump to different things. That does happen when other powerful people are out to get you though. Grammar can be kinda off sometimes, but I know that's in the works to fix so I wouldn't worry about that. The only thing that could work for characters is more descriptions of what people look like, that is lacking sometimes. Connecting more faces with names would also be a plus!

If you enjoy OP main characters, video game-esque leveling and stat screens, and a plot that swings from carefree to serious, you will definitely enjoy this. Even if you're not sure if that's your thing, I would definitely give it a try. It'll probably hook you and you'll end up binge reading all 2,000+ pages over a week (or overnight if you're feeling ambitious!)

The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

I understand that this is a draft edition and that most of the required changes were (hopefully) made in the final editions that made it to Amazon. I'll start off by saying that the plot is a neat idea; not a lot of people can stick with a dungeon story like this. The style is mostly in a kind of fun-loving tone. Decent characters, and a lot of them, although some could use some more fleshing out. Throughout there are a lot of changes made in later chapters that aren't carried back to past chapters, leaving people fairly confused. I'll attribute that to it being a draft and readily available in the purchased books.

Grammar is what I've found to be the worst part of this story. There are tons of errors in every chapter, from mispellings to entirely wrong words. One off the worst is how canonically "wargs" are a very very bad thing to have around, while "worgs" aren't as big a deal (1st book, "The Stones Start to Roll"). Many times throughout the books the Twins are referred to as wargs instead of worgs, which speaks to me of poor attention to detail, especially to something that was implied to be so important.

If you can ignore the many errors then it's a decent enough story for a draft. Sit back and enjoy the goofiness, dungeon building, and ocassional morbid moment (slimes gotta eat too you know.)