1. Re: Retaining Readers

      I'd also like to note that when people pick it up, they start from Chapter 1. They mightn't read as fast as you release so it may look like you aren't retaining readers while they're just reading a previous (...)

    2. Re: Looking for excellent fantasy progression stories! Similar to The Primal Hunter, Azarinth Hunter, and The (...)

      I'll add a few: Arcane Emperor (LitRPG | Isekai): Loved it. It's what got me into LitRPG and Royal Road in the first place. The class system is kinda unique and the MC's past is actually interesting. (...)

    3. Re: Superweapons

      They work great as plot points. I tend to love them, but only if it's along the lines of the Death Star. It's strong and it can be destroyed: just perfect for a plot point. But when that weapon isn't a (...)

    4. Re: Quick Question

      Weird. It's a free feature and I'm using it.

    5. Re: Quick Q about Prologues

      I find prologues unnecessary, at least at the start of a story. We don't care about your world, so why should we care about what happened before the story when we don't even know the story yet? Sure, it's (...)

    6. Re: Most frustrating thing about your setting?

      Avoiding making every relevant character rich because the MC only hangs out with rich folk. He's the son of one of the richest merchants in the Empire he's in and is betrothed to a Noble, which makes it (...)

    7. Re: Hmm…Curious. As Many Are Advised to Give an Answer

      Power Fantasy just means your character is strong or will become strong. He/she will exercise it in a manner that satisfies our sense of schadenfreude, such as roflstomping all the conflicts in the story (...)

    8. Changed Cover!

      I put something more fantasy-esque together rather than something of a simplistic design and instantly got two followers. I suppose being more eyecatching is useful during the Writathon where your story (...)

    9. Re: I got a bunch of comments today out of the blue!

      Comments are a gift from god. :DrakanPotato:

    10. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 14/11 | SWEET 16 🍭

      An excerpt from the chapter I'm writing at the moment. It's a Xuanhuan that's currently at the early stages, meaning more or less realistic stuff. ‚ÄúSurviving is different from being good at being (...)

    11. Re: What is your Favorite Fighting/MA Technique?

      It's definitely a well-executed Judo Throw.

    12. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      OwO, is this a free shoutout? Count me in as well.

    13. Re: I have a problem with ratings.

      The RR system doesn't actually prevent someone from rating a story after just clicking on a chapter. I've read quite a few stories while I wasn't logged on, and when I logged in and tried to review stories (...)

    14. Re: Free Author Premium Giveaway! 5+ Winners!!!

      Never a bad time to apply for a freebie.

    15. Re: Round…Ah…Four? Who Knows 🤨 POST THAT BOOK COVER CHALLENGE

      Zearth Hmm. This one is harder to guess. At first glance, I would think of sci fi based on the title, but further inspection would indicate fantasy instead. I would also assume that the story takes (...)


      Hitting the milestone early is always a welcome surprise. Good job and good luck. :DrakanPotato:

    17. Finished Arc 1

      Finally finished the first Arc of my novel. Managed to pump out 25,000 in 10 days thanks to the Writathon.  :DrakanPotato:

    18. Re: I want a book. Possibly yours.

      Oh, someone's offering a place to shamelessly advertise? Count me in. If Xianxia is your thing, give Dreamers of Eternity a read. It's not a satire or comedy about the genre, and more a character-oriented (...)

    19. Re: What is a good size (in pixels) for your book's cover on Royal Road?

      I use x2 or x3 of the ratio given and it turns out well. Use something too HD and it might look ragged, but that's more something for 4k and so on, which I don't think many authors want to do willy nilly. (...)

    20. Re: 2 Tips I gathered from doing Writing Exercises

      The longer I write, the more I understand the charm of "just the right size" which mostly ends up being small.  Writing long sentences feels like the road leading up to a crossroad: some branch off (...)