This one got me hooked pretty quickly. I came in and started reading with all kinds of bad expectations, and had a big surprise when it turns out the whole Clockpunk theme and the interactions of the characters let this story have quite the refreshing vibe.

One could argue that the mc is growing stronger too quickly in the early chapters, but with the world being as interesting as it is, this particular "flaw" didn't really desturb me at all while reading.

I did not notice any grammar issues.


Although it was dropped, I still enjoyed it.

I think my time was well spend reading this book. In my opinion not every book needs to be finished, the thing that matters the most is that you enjoy reading it.

Someone once said the way is the goal, and I would add to that that as long as the way is an enjoyable one, then it does not matter whether or not it is an incomplete or a complete way just like this story.

I liked the way magic works in the book and I liked the the way the reasonings of the characters and world seemed actually reasonable most of the time.

As for the author turning crazy and dropping the story, well that just how it is if you can't deal with it or belong to the faction that is without hope that he was telling a bad joke, then better not read it.

But if still have hope that he might come back or are fine with enjoying 300+ pages of a high quality story then just give it a try.