Mother of Learning

Finally on Royal Road!

MoL is one of my Top 3 favorites of all time, God knows how many times I have reread it from start to latest chapter released at the time.

Sometimes, when I have a coupIe hours free in a busy week I commit the mistake to read the first chapters and can't stop until there is no Next Chapter button!!


Ruin (Series)

Fast paced. Good grammar. Interesting story and characters with personality and logic behind their actions fitting the context.

In short, I loved it.

According to the autor this book is just the first of 3(maybe 4) in the saga and has no lack of action, adventure, fantasy, and magic.

Bait: There are.....no, better I don't spoil it for you, just go and read it, I recommend it.

I'm Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!

As the review title says I read all the posted chapters in the author's blog up to this date.

First of all, I have to admit that since the beggining I struggled to click on the 'Next Chapter' button each time I reached the end of one of the earliest chapters but as the author of this book also wrote Necromancer, a book published here on RRL and is one of the few FanFictions that I actually liked, I decided to give it a chance to this other story of him, maybe it gets better later on, I thought.

I am really glad that I forced myself to read the boring(on my opinion) early chapters because once I reached the 60-70 chapters I couldn't stop myself from reading this story anymore, at that point is where the story gets really interesting and finally starts to shine.

The story is fast paced for the most part but slows down at important events.

There are some grammatical mistakes but they are mostly typos that can be easily fixed if someone points them out(I was too immersed reading the story to do so).

The MC is smart and don't gives up easily, his decisions are almost always logical but the author never forgets that the MC is human too.

Of course, this story has a lot of room for improvement but overall it's a good, simple, and refreshing read.

Immoral Cultivator Trump: The Alternative Facts

Trump beautifully written with a xianxia style, funny but good enough as to let you wanting to know more.

Like, who or what will be Trump's Dao Protector? What ancient legendary techniques he knows? And which more will he learn?

Did Sect Leader Stalin teach him all he knows? Is his cultivation strong enough to single-handedly stop those immigrants from the Southern Reaches?

Will Trump succed in gaining the approvation of the American Cultivation Sect, even with the rigged system?


Can't wait for more!! 


brian's note book

So Edgy I Cut my Wrists with it

You don't see things like this on RRL.

I like new things. And I like shinny things.

I don't like things that are shinny and new at the same time, though.

Not bad. It would be good if you separate it in chapters, though, I just skimmed through many of it but I liked some of what I read. Good job.

The Runesmith

I laughed a lot with this story, it has an interesting world and system tough it was barely explored due to this being a short story.

The reading is smooth and clear.

The grammar is very good, I saw just a few mistakes in some sentences.

My conlusion is that this story is worth reading and even more when you have a little time to spare.