1. Re: Free (Basic) Reviews/Ratings

      Hey all! Although I'm excited to do this, there's a tiny little bit of a a problem. Well, not exactly a problem. You see, I'm aiming to do 1-2 a day (more if its just ratings). I've only completed one (...)

    2. Re: Free (Basic) Reviews/Ratings

      My story is a Xianxia/Fantasy story with both Chinese and (some) Western elements. It is a bit fast-paced at start. So far have 4 chapters/36 pages. Link: Tales of Heroes and Demons :) 

    3. Re: Advice on Building a Fanbase and Readership

      Most people wait until there are at least 20 chapters or 100 pages before reading a novel, since they want to A) be sure that the author does not drop it (stories that reach so many chapters/pages are (...)

    4. Re: June Thread - Promote your Story Tales of Heroes and Demons is a Xianxia/Fantasy novel that combines elements of Chinese and Western fiction. If you like the idea of martial arts and Qi cultivation 'mixing' (...)

    5. Re: Pitch me your stories!

      Mine is a Xianxia/Fantasy story that combines elements of Chinese and Western fiction (for example it has Dwarves and a European inspired region in the fantasy continent, though emphasis is placed on Chinese (...)

    6. Re: I think my review made someone quit the site

      Clarification: The below are my views about reviews in general, not about your specific case. From what I understand, you were polite and trying to be helpful] I think that there is a difference between (...)

    7. Re: English as a second language

      English is my second language. Greek is my first. I hadn't tried introducing elements of Greek culture in my past stories, though I plan on introducing some (minor) elements of Greek culture in my current (...)

    8. Re: Epic Fantasy - LOTR style

      Thanks everyone for the recommendations. Will check them out. :) 

    9. Re: Star Wars Episode 8 is trash.

      The only good Star Wars movies are the Original Trilogy. #TeamOldTrilogy 

    10. Re: Epic Fantasy - LOTR style

      I am looking for epic fantasy stories with wide scope and which are similar (in terms of style or scope of worldbuilding, not of story) to LOTR. They do not necessarily have to be in Western setting; I (...)

    11. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      One reincarnation I would like to read is reincarnation in the same (preferably fantasy) world. I am actually (minor spoiler alert) doing this for the story I am currently writing, but as far as I know (...)

    12. Re: I hate litrpgs

      It has to be noted that just because you dislike something it does not mean that it is of bad quality necessarily.  I myself do not read litRPG - despite some attempts I've made - since the whole 'stats' (...)

    13. Re: Live video reviews of your first chapters for those interested.

      Hello. I am intrigued by the offer. I am currently writing a Xianxia story (with some influence from Western fantasy fiction). It's called Tales of Heroes and Demons

    14. Re: How do i make readers care about my character?

      Make readers care about him by A) introducing reasons why we should sympathize with him, B) give him motivations.  For A) shows us a bit of his life before the incident: perhaps his family or friends, (...)

    15. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Thanks once again for the reply. :)  I really appreciate it you taking the time to help me.  I will be certainly looking over what you've said and editing my chapter. The part about the child overhearing (...)

    16. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. :)  Yes, while there is a 'central' MC (Jing), it is supposed to follow split storylines (and focus a lot on the supporting characters) that converge at some (...)

    17. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      A link to my story: Tales of Heroes and Demons It is a xianxia with Western fantasy elements. I would appreciate any kind of feedback, both positive and negative. Thanks in advance. :) 

    18. Re: Summoned/Reincarnated/Teleported to a new world and they want to go home? Seriously?

      Interesting discussion. As someone who is a historian (of Byzantine history) and loves political and military history, if I was reincarnated in a new world as a King/Emperor, I would admit that I might (...)

    19. Re: What is your favorite POV?

      I prefer third-person omniscient, since I am generally writing stories with multiple characters (often not at the same place). It makes it easier to write more complex plots with multiple perspectives. (...)

    20. Re: Encyclopedic Introduction

      Thanks for the response and the idea.  Will probably be doing that: putting a short text (one or two lines only, not more) at the start of each chapter as an excerpt from a historical or geographical (...)