by parkertallan
163 pages

When you let the mind wander, there's no telling where it's going to end up. This collection of short stories is the fruit of that wanderlust. Science fiction, mystery, and even a fairy tale can be found here, each with it's own subtle twist and an undercurrent of humor. Your imagination can take you anywhere. Start your wanderings here.

This short story collection is now complete.

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In the Shadow of Heaven [ORIGINAL VERSION]

In the Shadow of Heaven (...)
by javert
3k pages

This is the original draft version of ItSoH. It is incomplete, partway through act 3, and will not be finished in this form. The new version is available here. The new version follows most of the same continuity, but is significantly better written.

ACT ONE: New Creatures with New Hearts

POVs: Yan, Aymon

Complete act. Chapters 1-42. Approx word count is 225,000 words.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act one.

Table of Contents / Reference Sheet for part one can be found here. Contains spoilers.

ACT TWO: The Realms of the Unreal

POVs: Yan, Aymon, Sylva, Sid. +Kino bonus chapter.

Complete act. Chapters 43-89. Approx word count is 329,000 words.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act two.

ACT THREE: The Eyes that See the Glory

POVs: Yan, Aymon, Sylva, Sid. +Halen bonus chapter.

Incomplete. Chapters 90-current.

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Adventures of an Old Dreamer

Adventures of an Old (...)
by TheEpicLotfi
261 pages

There once was a boy that lived in a village with no name in a remote corner of a province in a grand empire. Every villager had their place, and his was a shepherd's. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, the boy was an avid dreamer, yearning for adventure between each book he read.

Decades go by in the blink of an eye and the young boy grows into an old man, yet remains a shepherd, watching his flock live and die in an endless cycle of life.

Yet, the old man dreams on about adventure, never too old to indulge in his delusions.

One fateful night, however, his endless prayer gets answered. Two immortals fall from the sky, and from their corpses, the old man acquires the means to strength in order to adventure.

What does the world have in store for Lao Chen.


A Xianxia with a little twist. 


Rated gore and traumatising, potentially triggering. Enjoy!

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Of Astral and Umbral

Of Astral and Umbral
by Luciferia
415 pages

Currently on Hiatus while undergoing edits/tweaks.

Part of the Cycles of Imbalance universe.

Current Number of Books: 6

Their world is broken and so are they.

Arianna is an outcast. Her affinity for darkness terrifies those around her. Haunted by dreams of another time, she doubts if she even belongs among her people. Rather than dwell on fragments of a forgotten past, she dedicates herself to protecting her twin brother and their people from the monsters beyond the city walls.

The God of Balance, Nalithor, was born a Devillian prince. Twisted monstrosities and unhinged deities are a threat to the world’s mortals. His duty is to restore order, yet his superiors block every move he makes.

In order to salvage their world, Arianna and Nalithor must overcome their foes. However, they must put themselves back together first…or Avrirsa will fall.

Cover Illustration by Thander Lin

Graphic Design by Bonnie L. Price

Of Astral and Umbral is listed at Web Fiction Guide and Top Web Fiction.

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Three Lifetimes [completed]

Three Lifetimes [completed] (...)
by kerbasi
0 pages

Juju fell in love with Jin Lei, the God of War, at first glance. Determined to sweep him off his feet, she accompanies him down the mortal realm as he takes on his three trials to attain greater divinity. However, in those three lifetimes that were given to them, will she be able to make him love her back?

Cover photo: Art by Art.te <3

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