Transmigration Retiree

The grammar is great except for the inevitable occational hiccups (missing words or stuff) which can be easily replaced by any reader. Nobody would disagree.

Words that are different AND better than the random novels that are laid out there that makes my english grow and make me fall in love with the story even more! 

The words that i mentioned beforehand also compliment the style of the novel which makes the style, that is making me feel like im spectating the world in person, even more awesome. The style also resemble some of my favorite officially published novels like 'Now or Never -elizabeth adler'. That in itself makes it unique to me in this site.

The story is a one in a billion; original, intriguing, exciting, interesting, educational, and hilarious. All the characters are Alive and Breathing which i absolutely love in this novel. The main character is absolutely awesome. The sub-characters are each unique in their own way. Both of the mains and subs compliment the story to make a whole world. I can't manage to stop anticipitating the next couple of chapters.

The characters personalities are portrayed in both actions and thoughts in a realistic way. The characters have emotions and they are not forced by some kind of psycho author! Awesome! The character development is done step-by-step way that normal people would have to go through in real life but in a fantasy world settings. Double Awesome! There is the right amount of POV changes in the right times too. I can read the thoughts of people in key conversations which makes me even more entertained. Triple awesome! 

Like i said, i can't quite have enough of this novel and am continuously reading and rereading the chapters. 

Progress is 28 chapters and i started reading in like chapter 12 or so. Im telling you, if you guys are still sitting on top of a frozen bottle then u guys have hope! Read this novel right now! If you guys arent on top of em, if you miss out on this, then things are gonna get bloody down there. Your choice.

The Making of a God Slayer

The story's prolog is good, although ur using japenglish sometimes; you make it so that it doesn't hinder the story. The only problem is that you are not descriptive enough of the monsters; what kind of dragon?what kind of beast? How does the boar look like to survive that kind of environment?; you should ask yourself some of those question and also stop with the typical human-anatomy +wings & tails; we all know that humans cant fly without large enough wings so describe it as so in your story. You should also add new races; Races of your own creation.

Life As a Servant!!!

Brah, admit it. 

This could get HUGE!

I,as a RoyalRoadLegends resident, demand to make this story, Life As a Servant, to be atleast ur secondary project!

The Arcane Emperor

Bad ass mc, bad ass girls, bad ass story.

Love it so much that i reread it again & again in between chapters.

MC is considerate, proactive, mature & decisive.

MC gains the positive qualities of a cold person to administer punishment on whoever hurts him or his people without leaving any impression of a serial killer as the people who he kills is justified as they wanted to do the same or worse to him or his people

Again, luv this story yeahhh.


I just know that you will make it great!

Well since you said that the mc would be so fragile i hope that you don't include their mind in that, fragile creatures have better mentality than the OP ones no matter how fragile it is.

I hope that you make that fragile thing special.