e g Jameson

e g Jameson

Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life!

As of chapter 13:

The chapters are short, but with purpose.  The author knows what they want to do at each step and they do it. It could use a little more environment but it's pretty well done. I don't think we've seen much more than a basic intro to the characters but a lot of potential is hinted at.

Grammar and punctuation is fine. I haven't seen any problems so far, and I'm really critical of these things, so good job.

A prologue and 13 chapters so far but only 40 pages. This could probably have been 2 or 3 chapters. Such short chapters make me want to wait a month before coming back to give it time to build up.

But I will be back.

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

So glad I gave this a chance. A self aware parody of the genre, told from the p.o.v. of the guy who is definitely not the m.c.  When he starts training his goons to look for and monitor protagonists cliches... Genius.

But it does have a plot and character development, and a "system" that is so awesome everything else is "extremely weak."

Stop reading reviews and start reading the story.

My Monster Adventurer's Guild

I read this of my own free will. No regrets.

This is the third story by MDW that I'm following now, and they just keep getting better.

The first is about a troll, and it was fun, if a little heavy on stat grinding and being OP. But some people like that.

The second was about a princess and being kidnapped. MDW starts dealing with some complex issues with that one, like sexual identity and dragon/pigeon hierarchies. This is one of my favorite finds on RR, and I highly recommend it.

After 11 chapters, I'm already hopeful this new story will be every bit as good or even better.  The author's style tends towards short, fast-read chapters, and lots of them. But each chapter has a point. Either character development or plot advancement or general world building, but not a lot of rambling or wasted opportunities.

And it's fun. Good description of action and fairly straight forward motivations. If it does have a weakness it might be that the characters are almost too simple. Not 2-dimensional, but maybe not as complex as they should be. Good guys are under dogs with hearts of gold. Maidens are distressed. Villains may not wear black hats, but they could and nobody would be surprised. So a little cliché, but those can be fun and useful.

The author also tends to focus heavily on small group dynamics, but the rest can be let wanting. As of chapter 11 our MC has quite a group following her, but I only know the names of two. The rest of the names are just listed out and skipped over as I read. Lots of potential here.

In the end I'm recommending this one to everyone.  Like I said, the chapters are short, so you'll either gobble them down, or decide it's not your cup of tea and not have wasted much time.

Keep 'em coming MDW! 

Stupid Cat

I tried. I really tried.

12 chapters was as much as I could handle. It's like a schizophrenic watched the Monogatari series and wanted to do a fan fic. It's like he describing an anime and doesn't realize there whole swathes of context missing. Is the main character a tanuki? Does he know it? If not, why does he accept so many strange things without blinking an eye? Why is he insistent on keeping the cat possessing him? WWhodoes he have to the death against the girl the want to force the possession upon? Who the duck is the Council of Seers? These questions and many more are never even hinted at getting answered.

When I say it sounds like a schizophrenic talking, I speak from experience. I had a friend I hadn't seen in years and he had gone schizoid. When we met he tried to tell me his comic book idea. This is what it was like reading this story. It's like you know the author thinks he's telling you everything and that it makes perfect sense, but he's not, and it doesn't.

How to Kidnap your Princess

As of 60 postings / April 2019

I came here from reading another story by this author about a troll. I sometimes get annoyed when characters get so OP there isn't anything to challenge them anymore. That is not a problem for our princess here.

Somehow we find a situation where even with a character with an almost li witless mana and another who is simply a genius of spellcraft, and still everything is a challenge. That's not to say there aren't some obvious handicaps applied, but the struggle is important. Struggle and conflict are what make drama, and too many fantasy stories forget that in their rush to fulfill the authors marysue dreams.

These characters struggle, and it's fun to watch. The world building is mostly flat and cliché, though there is an interesting take on the reality of hero summoning that is incredibly entertaining. 

All in all, worth some time to explore. I think you might find yourself enjoying this little tale.

Creative thinking is everything I have

GREAT START! (Hehe! I got to do the first reveiw!)

Six chapters in and kinda impressed so far. MC is definitely not OP. Maybe even a little under powered, but with a strong will. Grammar is good. Pacing is moving along, though it's still too early to really judge that. Good foreshadowing of the many possibilities the world might contain, but no info dumps so far.

I'm not going to start talking about character development and all that other stuff. It's too early. But what's there looks like a solid foundation . I'm excited to see more!






I suggest you give this story a try. Here's why.


As of chapter 62: So far so good. The chapters feel a little short, but are released pretty quickly. The characters have about 2.5 dimensions, but that's somewhat justified given the premise of none of them having any memories. The author tends to focus on developing one side character at a time. Others exist but are little more than names. Granted, that could be a flaw in the protagonist's perspective, but we don't get any hints or sidebars to flesh out all the others. So far he's encountered maybe a dozen others. Three disappeared almost instantly and off camera. Three I'm not sure what there names are or any distinguishing characteristics about them. I just know they must exist because the group was said to have 10 people in it.


Okay, maybe I'm criticizing a little to much. The author is new and starts off well and consistently has improved so far.


And I'm enjoying the story and intrigued by his world. Maybe it's cliché or maybe there are depths only hinted at so far. And it's not as if any of them have had a chance to check it out so far, so lots of potential there.


I'm gonna rate this 4.5 stars. Maybe a little more than it's earned so far, but I believe it'll get there. And I want to encourage more people to check it out and encourage this author to keep it up.


See ya next time space cowboys.

Save Point - A Science Fiction litRPG

The short review is: Read it. It's good.


The slightly longer spiel... Sixteen chapters in and no complaints so far. Main character is enough of a gamer to recognize the situation. But he's not being too stupid. Okay, maybe too much of a smartass sometimes, but hey... He's just a guy with a tumor.

Not OP. (Thank you.) 

Cool way of blending sci if and fantasy. Aliens with sufficiently advanced... indistinguishable... Yadda yadda Yadda.

Turning out chapters pretty quick.

Great grammar, editing, writing style, etc. If you care about those things.

And it's fun. Give it a try.