Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

The writing is quite good. Though, the whole story feels like the author got real excited about the second part of a huge story that they had planned out and decided to start from the middle and tell the story from both the beginning and the middle at the same time but this might also be my slight bias opinion of not really caring for stories that do that still worth the read though as it starts getting very good rapidly even if this type of story telling isn't usually for me with the time period issues 

Dungeon Crawler Carl Book 5: The Hunting Grounds

Great start so far can't wait to see what else you got in store for the future of this story anyone looking for something good to read this book should satisfy your needs for reading material author does a good job with humor making it realistic even in the face of all the dangers the Mc has to deal with 


Good writing just kit for me

The writings is good enough I guess but system isn't anything intresting gods can interfere and do what they want to people on a whim including radically changing the system as a whole also the MC is literally the most boring person I've ever read about honestly thought it was going to be point of views from the Mc and his daughter who actually seems intresting but the book ends up only following the MC and he's honestly boring and kind of annoying about stuff but If you like super duper slide of life type books then this is a good on I guess since the MC literally gets the skills and plans on literally just using the magic in a new world for cleaning farming and fixing things 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Gilded Hero

Pretty good and def worth the read if the author can keep this quality I could see it becoming one of the tops stories 

The Elemental Arena

So far at chap 11 wonderful start the romantic character interaction does feel slightly cheesy and forced but everything else is pretty damn good is a bit dark and gorey too as a fair warning and so far seems like an intresting and somewhat unique litrpg concept

ROACH- rising pestilence

First 5 or so chapters are a little rough and almost made me drop as the story just wasn't flowing well but after that the author finds his rythym and the story gets pretty good definitely worth a read especially if you like monster litrpg's books

The Mastery System

 It much to read yet but loved it so far this definitely has a lot of potential I like the system and think it’s unique from all the other LitRPG I’ve read I’d recommend giving it a try though I will say dialogue could be better but I’m sure that will improve with the authors time and experience writing 


Love the story this is my favorite of your current books :)

Once Human

Awesome book so far keep up the excellent work 

Requiem of Souls

Pretty good story keep up the good work loving the main character so far