Life of Numbers

I have been meaning to rate and review this for a while, especailly after reading a new chapter. I find this a rather unique take on the Litrpg Post Apocalyptic, Alternate History trope.

It's well written with no grammar issues. The plot and world building is amazing and indepth with 40 + chapters in and snipets and layers of what once was and now is after everyone's numbers were reset keeps adding to the overall growth of the novel.

The MC and his friends everyday life and death decisions in the face of adversity and trials are believable and the growth from overcoming these advserties shows itself in there evolving skills and abilities...so no insta OP, no overnight butt kicking skill or magical abilities that makes the MC and co overcome any and all situations.

If after this books has been completed and the author decides to publish i will definetly purchase in support of such great work.

Dreams Come True

I like this serial I must admit that it has a somewhat slow start and build up, but once it gets going you find yourself pulled in and cant stop reading. I was home sick and basically binge read this up until today.

It's a slice of life fic with a unique take on reincarnation. So expect the MC to go through there day to day life and be entertained by the ups and downs as the plot lines slowly builds up and advances.