1. Creator of the universe reincarnated as a blind boy?

      He was super OP and kept awakening all these bloodlines inside him. He got a tail with its own personality and his friends (the gods) like Fate and Death kept messing with him. It's killing me, I remember (...)

    2. RE: Good stuff like overlord

      Seoul Station Necromancer is really good, maybe not exactly what you're looking for. Elder Lich Saga Friendly Neighbourhood Necromancer (although I'm sure you've read that) Lich. The Depressed Necromancer. (...)

    3. RE: Storie with Magic/gods with modern Day

      You've inspired me to write a story about gods in a modern world so thanks.

    4. RE: Modern Do-over/ OP MC

      Journey of the Ancients maybe?

    5. RE: Psychopathic tendencies MC? Hopefully OP

      Try this http://royalroadl.com/fiction/8167 You do realise the person who asked the question is the author of that story, right?

    6. RE: OP MC. With everything going his/her way

      Starvation March Void Wolf The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons I'll edit it if I remember more, but all of these are really good.

    7. RE: Immortal Mc

      Starvation March, nuff said.

    8. RE: Blue Status Screen - Novels

      Re:Hamster The Beginning, The End and Everything In Between

    9. RE: Beautiful female MC

      My story has a beautiful female MC but currently on 5 chapters, sorry. http://royalroadl.com/fiction/10535

    10. RE: Are there any Story's where the MC is rencarnated in a fantesy world

      The Botched Summoning Elemental God Forgotten Conqueror The Will of the Strong

    11. RE: Pet/beast/familiar based stories?

      They said I could be anything so I became a ______!!!! If you want something where the MC is the pet.

    12. RE: What is the most erotic novel in this website?

      Re: Hamster All the way, there is no debate

    13. RE: Story where MC gets frozen/imprisoned/sealed away for a long time then awakens

      I can't think of any right now, but I'm planning on writing a story like that soon.

    14. The Depths of a Soul

      ---===+===--- There is a world where 60% of the population has a Soul Beast. They awaken on their 14th birthday, their Soul Beast if the creature that suits them, their personality.  Lilith comes (...)