A Journey of Black and Red

Definitely not for everyone but worth a try!

To be honest, the title of my review says it all. I'm not normally a big fan of vampires nor historical settings, but this story really sells it for me. The changing mentality of the main character as the story progresses is phenomenal. I have yet to find a glaring issue in the writing of the story, and even had to look up a term or two, which is always good!

However, if you're squeamish or are simply looking for something lighthearted, turn away. I'd say the same if you're looking for an overpowered main character too to be honest.

Borne of Caution

Usually I don't read fanfictions on this site, but this one piqued my interest, and boy am I glad that it did. This story is well written with a good premise. The story has a good bit of combat, but it isn't the main focus like so many other stories. Rather, it is more about how Lee lives his life, which just so happens to include Pokemon battles.

The characters are all well written and thought out with their own nuances. I've been enjoying watching their relationships grow, and I can't wait for a certain addition to warm up to everyone else.

Overall I recommend this if you have any interest in Pokemon!

I was reincarnated on the One piece World

I can't fathom why people give this 4+ stars. I'm sorry to say, but this story is actually hard to read. There is no engaging plot, no characters who I understand their role in the story (including our main character without a truly consistent name), and the number of errors piling on one another only subrtact from any appeal this story may give.

The Elder Vampire

I feel there is plenty to work on, but also a fair amount you do  right. O

ne thing that bothered me though was the lack of caps.