Ave Xia Rem Y

As of chapter 50:

Don't let the self-deprecating title or the generic synopsis fool you. This is a great fiction. The story flows smoothly. The characters are likeable and fully fleshed out. The execution is masterful (and I don't use that word lightly). 

At 550+ pages there is still no harem in sight. So no rushing and failing there like so many lesser fictions do.

"A Very Cliche Xianxia Harem Story" is only "cliché" if cliché means similar to the great Xianxias, the likes of Stellar Transformations (but with a more likeable cast, in my smug and snobbish opinion).

I don't want to hype it too much but– f*ck it. I'm hyping it. This a superb fiction, and if it delivers on what has been hinted so far, it's going to be one of my all time favourites. It deserves more love, so read it.

I haven't noticed much grammar issues, but I ain't an authority on the subject.

The only "negative" point, as pointed out in other reviews, is the slow release rate. But seeing as the author has been posting steadily for more than 25 months, instead of burning themselves out in three weeks with daily releases as seemed the trend these days, I'm willing to call this a positive instead.

Review amendment: With all that said, if you're looking for a fast and brutal power hike with a self-righteous OP lead and lots of arrogant bad guys being pummelled for not seeing Mount Tai... then this is not it, and you're probably going to get bored. 

Note: I know giving almost 5 stars in every category seems like an exaggeration. But those are my sincere thoughts.

At the end of the long first arc (chapter 31), the author asked in a bottom note "What worked and what didn't work for you in this arc?" And thinking about it, I found I couldn't think of a single genuine bad point, nothing I thought didn't work, and nothing I could have done better.

Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe if I re-read it I'll have another opinion. But at this moment, I'm in love.


It's... kind of dull?

Being realistic can be a good thing, but a story still needs a plot and interesting characters. Here, the feeling of novelty wears off after chapter 6, and at chapter 15, I still struggle to find a reason to care about the protagonist.  You shouldn't have to wait so long for a hook. And with no stated goal beside general survival, there's very little to look forwards to.

Elrich Saga Yellow Springs Book One

In this story, neither the plot or setting are re-inventing the wheel, with a lot of it being cliché and predictable to an extent. The author also tends to spend an inordinate amount of time on mundane elements (such as descibing the characters' meals in great details).

However, it is clear a lot of thoughts and care went into this novel, to craft a believeable world, to use clichés in a sensible manner that makes sense in-universe (I know! Preposterous!), and to deliver good, likeable characters and a protagonist with immense potential but also flawed who is neither a pushover nor an OP bulldozer. A very emotionally human protagonist, all in all. Well, I like him.

So this story is not the greatest new thing since sliced bread, but it is immensely enjoyable, and while cliché at times, it brings enough original twists and intellgent coherence to the mix to make it entertaining.

Objectively, I'm not sure it fully deserves a 5 stars rating. But as a measure of my enjoyment (and considering I binged the entire thing in a day, including the chapters not yet released on royal road), yes it does.

The Dark Elto Du Yu Lin

This is a beautiful story and gives out the most soothing feeling, one of hope and contentment with a touch of underlying bitterness. The characters are endearing, varied and complex. The world is cleverly built, and you can feel its vastness and cultural diversity when it is casually mentionned at times, avoiding heavy info-dumps (aside maybe from the initial bit about all the continents and types of chi’s).

What I love most about this story however, is how the main character was reincarnated in her own world, and in a time period  (barely five years after her death) when she’ll get to interract with people she knows from her previous life, with all the complications, joys and heartaches that come with it. Not to mention that the MC wasn’t some unknown loner before she died. She was relatively famous and she had a husband, and even children, which promises some very entertaining scenes down the line.

There should definitely be more fictions like this.

Thank you, 86lenoloc.

Wizard with the flower blades

This feels like an anime with all the good and bad points that intails.


The story is entertaining and light-hearted, the characters are simple but interesting, the grammar is excellent, the style flawless (as far as I am concerned).

The main character is polite and earnest like only a japanese person could be (I mean, who gets flustered because they are TOO good at something?), frustratingly uncomfortable with women (Come on! Grow a pair, man- Oh wait.), and is so kind Jesus would feel ashamed standing by her side...

But Jun (that's the mc) can also be decisisive when pushed, is understandably skittish about violence but isn't weak-willed for the cause, and is also passionate and reliable. And, above all, NOT dumb.


Really, if you can get past the fact Jun freezes everytime she meets a busty woman, you will find this a simple but enjoyable comedy with just the right amount of OPness and silliness to make it (very) worth your time.

Dead Gods Tell No Tales (Working Title)

I love this story especially because of how it starts. The MC is reincarnated not as a baby, but a young girl and immediatly thrusted into a situation where she HAS to take action. (The situation is serious but not tragedy material, which I appreciate too. I'm a lighthearted kind of guy.) So she is in a world she doesn't know, with no notion of how irregular her OP-ness is, but there is a sense of urgency so she can't do what most reincarnators do, which is to very prudently try not to attract attention. She can't do that.


It's a story where the OP main puts her power to use immediatly with just the barest necessary amount of discretion, because she cannot afford to do otherwise. And of course she gets noticed. And I love it because what is the point of a overpowered MC if he or she doesn't have everyone wondering "Who the hell is that?!" ?


A solid plot, a flowing narrative, enjoyable and endearing characters, a good dose of humour. What's not to love? It's not anything new, but the author's personal take makes it a must read for all the fans of OP.


Did I mention I love this story?


Because I do.

A Mermaid's Responsibility

A story that uses usual themes in an unusual, humourous and epic way.


It's a story about a king who has to find his bride in a ball. "Classic" you spat in annoyance? "Cliché!" you scream in disgust? "Unoriginal!!" you vomit in outrage?


But what the princess really didn't care for the king and just wanted to beat the crap out of that other girl who stole her voice? What if that princess kicked more asses than any prince? What if that princess was a mage swordswoman mermaid?


No, I'm talking nonesense, but really, read it. It's awesome.


 Remind me of a manga…or light novel…in a good way. I like those.

The MC gains some weird power, he himself is special for  some reason, he gets some friends that will get involved in the shitstorm at some point and all the shit seems to gather near where he lives, this kind of story.

Me like a lot…