I've never seen a story so adept at expanding upon the world from a library.


The author has a firm grip on grammar, syntax and the perfect flair for the dramatic. I notice the way he directs the stories, the things he brings into detail and the things he does not. No sentence repeats itself, nothing sounds bland. Perhaps most importantly it is fun to read.


As of yet, Chapter 9, I've found no grammatical errors. The worst I've found was a small typo that was since fixed since I couldn't find it for this example.


Our main character, unnamed as a result of his being, is an amnesiac. With only a note from his past self, who had erased himself, and the promise that the library was safe, he is told that the greater world lies above the library he finds himself in, fathoms deep below the surface. With little food and water, surrounded by books and an abandoned facility, he must find a way to ascend.

The story is immediately appealing. The author does not, like most, rush his character headfirst into danger, destined to gather immense power and slay evil foes. No, his character does the sensible thing, he prepares. And while even that may seem bland, I have to stress it is, actually, some of the most fun I've had reading. It's as if I'm there studying with him.

The world is based on Skills and Class and functions on these things. He, being an amnesiac, must learn these things again. We see, slowly, how these Skills have been affecting his environment since the beginning, and how its presence might affect the world. We are as out of the loop as the main character is.


The character is driven. While there aren't any other characters to interact with, I can already picture his interactions with them, and perhaps that speaks to a more developed character. He is studious, driven, and accepting that he very well may die. But he will not go without being able to say he did everything he could. He is curious and cautious, reluctantly trusting. He is wondrous at all yet strict on himself.

He is of the milder sort, truthfully. But his intensity shines through in his studies and curiosities, and, I presume, when things get tough.


All in all, the story is a must-read. I do not think I've ever read something that expands upon the outer world so efficiently as to garner both wonder, awe, and curiosity, as this story does, and from such a place so removed from that world.

It succeeds in that regard, which is the quintessence of a story, to tempt the reader to flip the next page. So to speak.

Power, Game, System, Player


A fantastic story about a young man who lives in a world of supers. 

The main character's power is predictably, that of an RPG leveling system. This includes, statistics, Skills, Abilities, Titles, Achievements, Race, Level, Rarity, etc. It isn't some ill-defined power either, and doesn't break reality, it is reasonably explained in his Origin, or how he attains his power, and seems balanced and intriguing.

The first chapter alone was enough to write a review. The system is so fleshed out, the premise so interesting, that I couldn't help but leave a thought. So far the interactions between the scarce characters are not awkward or stilted on dialogue, in fact, they seem fairly smooth.

I'm excited to read more and see what the author does with this!