Power, Game, System, Player

Power, Game, System, (...)
by StaffMage
111 pages

Many are those who look to the gifted, the enhanced, with jealousy and envy. The usual super strength, speed, and flight. The power to conjure phantasmal creatures. Shift into other beings, gaining their strengths. Perfect manipulation and mastery of their body. The power to influence plants, or to heal the most grievous injuries. To harness the sun, or manipulate desert sand. To flow between bodies of water, or store things in personal spaces. When all of these and more exist, who couldn't look to such an assortment and think: if only it were me?

Ludus Silva lived in the Woods, and thought, like any mundane, much about the what if's of life. Despite that, his life little depended on the enhanced and so his thoughts rested on them as he saw them; on the news and in his dreams. He enjoyed the pleasures of his semi-secluded life, so the ugly jealousy and envy towards the enhanced never had a chance to take root. Hunting, gathering, building his house, spending time with his parents, and selling his excess in the city. Those were his pleasures, though routine they may be. It was most definitely not an ordinary upbringing, but it was his and it was what he had known. 

Of course, if a kid cared not of the enhanced, then it was good odds they cared about video games. What else to do in the middle of the Woods when the day's tasks were done?

And so we come to the inevitable question of what makes Ludus Silva so special?

Well, that'd have to be his power, of course.



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by MageOfSacks
200 pages

My name is Vak Tychus. Aside from the, regrettably striking name, there were very few things I'd judge, that made me - me. The name had to do with chance or fate. My last name was Latin, derived from the Latinized name Eutychus which was the combination of two Greek words corresponding to "good" and "luck, chance, and fortune." 

Now that you know why I'm so unhealthily and exceedingly prone to gambling I can begin to teach you why exactly I love it so much. 

There's a handful of things you'd have to know to really appreciate how to gamble. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in two decades supposing you stuck with it your entire life. Although, there are some stark differences between betting a handful of cash and your life against monstrous creatures intent on your blood. Well, you learn a thing or two, if you can believe it.

Here, in fact, we can start with the first one: Taking a risk.

Try it now and start reading.

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Who Says This OL Can't Become A Splendid Slime!?

Who Says This OL Can't (...)
by Shinde
783 pages

A journey that began with a simple wish, taken horribly out of context.

'Ah, I wish that I could change my life. I wish for something truly exciting to happen.'

Follow our heroine as she surmounts increasingly difficult odds! As she battles with heavy topics such as 'Is it really safe to eat this?', 'How am I supposed to slay a wyvern!?', and the ever-popular 'Does this shade of pink make my slime look fat?'

"For the record, I've never asked that last question you bastard narrato—"

Follow her as she traverses the world and seeks out her destiny! Thrown into the world with nary a leg to stand on, what will our gelatinous heroine do next? Will she become a savior? Or this world's very own Demon King!?

"Wouldn't you mean Queen? Aside from that, please stop talking like I'm not here."

But at the end of the day, there is one foe that she just may never slay. Despite all her efforts, will she be able to overcome the barrier that is ... her marital status!? 

"Alright, I'm going to Devour you too."

We hope you enjoy the thrilling conclusion!

"It really isn't that exciting. Please don't expect too much."

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