1. Re: [Celebratory] Happy Birthday to Wing! It's Wing's, one of the owner of Royal Road, Birthday! Wish her a happy birthday, everyone! Art credits to me

    2. Re: Countdown Begins -2 : Third Event Submission

    3. Re: Countdown Begins -2 : Third Event Submission

    4. Re: Countdown Begins -4 : First Event Submission

    5. Adster's Chaoticorium (Free Covers)

      Status: CLOSED - Too many requests Welcome to Adster's Chaoticorium! I am Inked's Adsterhappy. I do stuff. For free. What I do: I make free novel covers. I think. Or something. What style (...)

    6. RE: Can someone tell me his opinion about this story?

      We have a reviewing, discussion and tips place.

    7. RE: Trending Fictions

      Get a lot of ratings (recommended 0.5) in a short period of time

    8. RE: What would be the most cliché amalgamation of RRL / LN stories?

      Is the MC named Akai Ryuujikazama or other made up Japanese name? Does he also wear bandages all over his body, has black longcoat, wear fingerless gloves, wears an eyepatch and has white hair? Is he (...)

    9. RE: The vast majority of authors on RoyalRoadl

      You mean every isekai novel?

    10. RE: What is most important thing you want to achieve if you land in a different world?

      No matter the world: Acquire the perfect toilet paper and toilet combo. No rampaging demon lord or apocalyptic evil god would stop me from resting my cheeks on the finest porcelain throne. Red shall (...)

    11. RE: Has the site been hacked?

      Gentlemen, we have found a boi here. Please drag him away to the calendarium.

    12. RE: Somehting is happening to the tags on Latest update

      Give me your computer if you want me to see your images. Also it's April Fools

    13. To writers: What motivates you to write and to keep writing?

      Though there's a writer's thread for writers, I believe this is more specific. First of all, as the title mentions it, what motivated you to first post your writing out into the world? Was it to show (...)

    14. RE: New stories to watch out for

      These are some interesting stories I will be looking into later. It's kind of hard to look for decent stories when it's always flooded by other unremarkable or downright bad stories. Thanks for the list. (...)

    15. A bunch of undead tours the world instead of destroying it (Atleast, intentionally) Link: Quick summary: An archlich, someone who had attained near divine immortality through necromancy, and his band of undead had (...)