Cultivation Anomaly Type 7A Variation 3Z

This is honestly a really interesting fic. The author has done a good job of developing a cohesive world and a set of semi-realistic characters. At the time of this posting (chapter 5) there has yet to be much in the way of plot but there is a lot of promise. 

Brainiac Dungeon

This is an amazing story, especially the start. The start of most dungeon story are difficult. How does your character start? What do they do when they wake up? How do their powers work? These are important question and it is very easy to goof up.

Not only are these questions answered correctly but they are presented in such a way that grabs your attention by the throat and drags you through all remaining chapters. 

Highly recommend. Read this book. 

Queen of the Hill

 The dragon is from the south, possess southern hospitality, a slight alcohol problem and a healthy respect for guns. 

I love it and happily awate future updates. 

Dungeon Pearl

An interesting story with a deeper examination of this genres tropes. 

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

A great fiction. Highly recommended and good for a laugh. It plays on the tropes that this genre is known for while throwing its own spin on it.