DCO- Dungeon Core Online

Really enjoying the story so far will give a better review after I catch up to the latest chapter.

Lord of the skies

Ehhh not bad but not great. Decent afternoon read

Needs a editor. Worlds ok characters are ok, Grammer mistakes in every chapter some simple and easy to overlook others bit more jaring. Overall 5/10 you got talent and a decent imagination just need to polish up good luck 👍

Dimensional Paradise

As of chapter 40

Story: a deminsion of Earth is pulled into a death game where you need to fight and pass to survive. 


The good: I enjoy the story's world/setting. System is a little wonky but it works.

Side characters/ alternative main are solid and enjoyable. 

Story is readable Grammer and sentence structure isn't so bad you can't get through it. 

Style: developing. 


The bad: 

Mc is trash and anyone from his version of Earth is trash. I'd seriously put money on almost anyone else winning a death match with the mc if his magical plot armor was taken away. 


Story: has some kinks the system seems to contridict itself where you are put into a death game because there's a hidden reason for it and they even give you weapons that are basically as useful as a passing fart. 

Style: author is in the process of developing one I think so growing issues. 

Grammer: there isn't a single chapter without a mistake and poor sentence structure. It's not enough to keep you from understanding it's just jaring at times. 


Overall: could use editors and a re-write but it's good for someone just starting out. Dont stop writing you have potential. 

Underdog: Dungeons of the Crooked Mountains by A. Osadchuk

Like the story! Went get it on Amazon the stuff here is just a taste. I'd recommend reading it.

Apocalypse redone

Wait until an editor takes a crack at it.

Man I made it to chapter 11 someone pm me if it gets a re-write. The story is ok love the authors pictures for the powers that's a nice touch the Grammer is so bad I can't read any further. It wasn't too bad until a new character was introduced that just curses for no reason than to curse. Now why would that be my tipping point? Broken English cursing done wrong is just a pain to read. To sum up. Story not bad. Characters ok except for one. World building is good. Pacing was ok. Just needs a editor badly. 

Wake of the Ravager

If your into manipulating systems, flash backs to the past/future maybe both? I dono I like it so far as of chapter 20ish

The Demon Lord's Seal

Check it out! Do it for for the love of chicken!

Silly review title aside. Only at chapter 12 but story is solid, well written and characters are cleared out not 2d or super predicable. Grammer is good with small mistakes that don't take away from story. 


Story is well written and easy to fall into. Characters and world are good so far but seriously to early to leave a very in depth review. Check it out and see what you think.  

Farming For Gold

So quick run down. Good things, worlds solid, characters are relatable and feel real, author makes low to no mistakes, releases have been regular.

The bad: still under 50 chapters. 


My verdict read it and hope it never gets dropped or author gets the block. 


Early review I'd recommend

I'm not a female MC fan because surprise I can't relate. So far I like the story I'll update after chapter 20