The Dream: Integration

Not a lot to review but it hooked me all day till I finished. Well written and interesting I'll recommend anyone to give it a read. 

Nero Zero

The good: solid world more fleshed out then most with a good system. Well written grammatically not a lot of mistakes this is no half done translation. Story has a decent flow as in situations arise and are overcome not a lot of sitting around pretty full of action. 


The bad: romance is weird, needs a chapter in the begining from the girls pov explaining why she's so obsessed with the mc. Feels forced and cringy, even later on the relationships the mc get into are so forced it's just meh. The ape kin thing is a hot mess. I don't see the get being called dragon fly kin ever other sentence seriously poorly executed. 


Overall a good story even my complaints are pretty minor in my opinion more meh grips then anything that takes away from the story. I'm caught up to the most recent chapter. 

Real Time Dungeon

Rts story what more need be said?

So far so good some typos but nothing that takes away from the story. 

Bookworld Online: Marsh Man

Remindes Reminded me of swamp boy but better. Loving this story a lot hope it stays awesome. 

Better Than Life

i like it and I can't wait to see where it goes. 

Doomsday 2020

Needs to be re-written for English.

 Story isn't bad, typical travel back in time yata yata. Like a translation the structure and word usage is at best jarring. Gave up at chapter 27 

Level: Zero

Read it on a flight, its short but well written with interesting characters and solid world building. semi what you expect from with reincarnation stories but everything has a fresh twist so far. hope the author adds about 100 more chapters and releases a book id at least try it on kindle.

Evil Overlord: The Makening

Mc is good, people are actually believable, the way they talk isn't robotic or forced as ether too good or too ass-holish. It's a rare find and a good mix I like this story give it a shot. 


Well written and like my review title states very interesting. One of those times I couldn't stop and stayed up too late to see what would happen next. 

War Beast

Needs a editor badly, Grammer is killer and grammerly is free. Read up to chapter 8. Can't go further. Hopefully it's a good story it did pop up in the popular today section just needs a lot of work.