Death Loot & Vampires

I'll be buying a copy to read when it's published it have me a lot of laughs. It's well written, engaging story,mc I can like that is ruthless but not a dick. Side characters are vibrant and some you dislike some you like but they all feel well thought out and well written.

Elf Empire [An Isekai kingdom building story]

I have my hang ups with some of the story with the mc being incredibly nice even with a lot of crap in his past but honestly I'm still ok with him. Some mcs are easy to hate with how stupid they act this one makes mistakes but he's a ok guy and the story is one where you find yourself reading into the time you should be sleeping because it's interesting and you wanna see where it's going. World building is solid, writing is fantastic with little to no grammatical issues.characters I'm giving a 10/10 on, I'll be looking forward to more and following

Born Different [Monster Evolution LitRPG]

Well written, enjoying how the characters are growing and evolving literally. No real world building yet other than beginning chapter peaks which are awesome. Honestly just not a whole lot here to review but I wanted to give a encouraging stamp of approval and follow it. I like the writing, the direction, and the idea that bundle this story up. The writing is clear with little grammatical mistakes if any,the direction being personal and specie's growth, the idea that monster gained sentence and is discovering for itself how to survive and bring it's species with it. Yep it's cool looking forward to more.

Start Menu

I'll start with the good. The author writes well everything is easy to read and haven't come across any grammatical mistakes. Now for my rating. I hate the MC like can't stand the guy, at worse he's a idiot with a ton of luck at best he's living some sort of self masturbation fantasy with tons of plot armor. The everything and I mean everything good falls into his lap with zero consequences, he complains about everything like some poiled brat witch to be fair he is, and that's not a defense for his crap actions. I can't even say he has much of a personality everyone feels so stilted, this story frustrates me so much. I can tell the author has talent for writing but yeah this is bad for me. So here's three stars based purely on the fact you can write, you shared something personal like this with the world, and honestly I hope you go far and this is just a stepping stone for you. the two taken away are for the world building and characters lacking any depth. Good luck 👍

Monster Farmer

Seriously this could be a book on a game.  I'd play it  the mc is ok kinda hard to get a read on someone with only 10 chapters but he seems competent in some areas and completely blind sided in others. Example being he is good at making plans and executing them, but buys a farm that no one wants because of issues and he had no idea about the issues and his negotiated deal now looks pretty raw. The farm itself is like my title states a dark version of harvest moon with cool dark magic so I'm down to see where it goes.

Re: Apocalypse! He Who Devours Monsters

Where to start, writing is ok, phrasing is weird in many cases with a feels like badly translated from Google or non native speaker. Pacing is weird we go from end of the world big bad to time warp back into a teens body so weird adult in a teens body disconnect. Is he a veteran? Is he a love struck goofy teen? Will he pull his teenage friends along because they really know what's going on? Yes to all three and at once. Overall the story isn't for me and I wish the writer good luck 👍

High-Class Mob

Not a lot here yet but it's well written and has one thing that so easily over looked. The mc isn't a idiot, he dosent constantly fall into self pity, he is dare I say it. Likeable. Yup can't wait to see what happens good luck author hope the masses treat you well. :

Update. Iv come back to this series and yes it's still good I like the characters from the mc to the side and one off characters they all stand out. World building is ongoing and solid. My god the Grammer is so bad. I think I'd pay whoever is running it through a cheap translator to hit up grammerly after. There isn't one chapter, one paragraph where a sentence flows smoothly. You'll be auto translating in your head the whole time you read. 

Dungeon Life

Let's just jump straight into it. Great story so far mc is just a regular guy no murder hobo tendencies no grand quest for world domination or extreme survival. Kinda just a chill story on growing in a magical world as a dungeon. Reminds me a bit of beware of chicken in the wholesomeness. 

Gamer Reborn

Honestly good just needs editing

Good story, mc is solid and world building feels good. Magic system in place hasn't been explained but is being explored and seems cool. That's the good. The only gripe I have is lot of simple easy to fix with a grammarly pass type mistakes. The free browser version. 

Sylver Seeker

Will be adding to my library

Old review is marked at the bottom. Wow I started this story before 50 chapters were written and it's been a great read. The world is very detailed and well written the mc is likable, smart, strong even when he's weakened, and overall is very art of war in how he handles life. By that I mean know yourself and know what you want to achieve. Side characters have depth and their own agenda the writing is more than solid with very few grammatical mistakes. As of chapter 178 for those that like necromancer stories, magic, logic, and humor I give this a 10/10 will buy when it's released and hopefully get a audible version. 👍


Old review :


Hey author hit more than 50 chapters he's seriously writing so here's a serious review or as much as I can stick to being serious anyway. MC is awesome and likable not a jerk not a simp just a solid dude that has a metric shit ton of knowledge and with that power. Hes not afraid to do what needs to be done and will not hesitate in any way with that said he's not a monster and will go out of his way to help people if they are generally decent people themselves. World is well fleshed out as of chapter 51. Side characters are very much their own people with their own agendas and easily make the world feel alive. Grammatically haven't come across anything that jars me out the story. Releases pretty quickly which is honestly surprising considering the quality is so high. Anyway thanks for taking your time to give me a very entertaining and enjoyable story I hope you go on to become a very successful and wealthy writer 👍. I feel like iv talked to much but must meat my 200 word minimum as set forth by the advance review slave drivers of royal